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Faith-based prison programs: New study suggests religion may help criminals justify their crimes.
An inmate reads his bible at the minimum-security facility known as the Carol Vance Unit, March 24, 2001, near Houston, Texas.
First of all, many interviewees had only a vague notion of the central tenets of their faiths. Indeed, many of those surveyed used their understandings of faith to justify their own criminal behavior. But the point is, neither is there conclusive evidence that religion on its own actually helps rehabilitate criminals.

A new study in the academic journal Theoretical Criminology (hat tip to the Vancouver Sun) suggests that, far from causing offenders to repent of their sins, religious instruction might actually encourage crime. First, this is a really small sample size, and it’s possible that if the authors had surveyed more people over a broader geographical area, their results would have been different. People Are Saying Amy Schumer a€?Failed Womena€? Because Shea€™s Blocking Critics on Twitter.
Second, as the authors themselves acknowledge, criminals certainly aren’t the only ones who tend to misunderstand religious teachings, or to contort them for their own benefit. While the vast majority of those surveyed (45 out of 48 people) claimed to be religious, the authors found that the interviewees “seemed to go out of their way to reconcile their belief in God with their serious predatory offending.

But, still, the Theoretical Criminology study shouldn’t be interpreted as conclusive evidence that faith-based outreach and rehabilitation programs are worthless.
People tend to use tautological arguments to support religion-based rehabilitation programs. If we’re going to talk about whether religion helps rehabilitate criminals, we need to insist on data.

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