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When I became pregnant with Brody, I had no idea what an impact my pre-conception habits and diet could have on my pregnancy. You’re Told To Stay In BedYou know the advice to only sleep on your side (preferably the left) during the second and third trimesters? You Forget (Or Are Denied) Food and WaterIt might be unintentional or intentional, as some hospital advise against food and drink. You Could Be Given An EpiduralWhen laboring with my first son, I was determined to have a drug-free hospital birth. You’re Probably Told To Push On Your BackOnce you are fully dilated to 10 centimeters, you may be told to lie on your back (if you’re not already there) and coached through pushing – push for 10 seconds, take a breath, and push again.
Adjust Your DietThe foods you eat and things you put in your body before conception can have an impact on your ability to conceive and the health of your pregnancy. Get MovingIn healthy pregnancies, moderate exercise is often recommended for the momma-to-be. But here's the reality: whether this is your 1st baby or your 3rd, every birth story is different.
Well, the rules and reasons are similar during labor.Bed rest, or the recumbent position, works against your labor. But with several hours of back labor behind me and hours more ahead of me, I eventually took the advice of my midwives and got an epidural.From my experience, hospital staff will put the pressure on for pain relief.
Your Amniotic Sac May Be Intentionally BrokenDuring pregnancy, a fluid filled sac surrounds your baby. This is a period of time when both momma and baby can naturally rest – even during a hospital birth. Right around the time I became pregnant with Brody, my husband and I were doing a month of Whole30 eating. It not only includes folate, but also Vitamin D3 and iron--both of which are essential during pregnancy.

Same holds true for drinking red raspberry leaf tea during your second and third trimesters.
Now, as a childbirth educator, I realize there are many things you can do before you conceive to set yourself up for a healthy, happy pregnancy.
This prenatal support includes a blend of organic herbs and fruits which are safety reviewed for pregnancy.
With all of this going on, it’s no wonder that bed rest is linked to more pain and a higher risk of c-section deliveries.Instead of laboring on your back and in a bed, freely move around. These foods are good before labor and they’re wonderful during.Nut butters – Nut butters are high in both protein and fat, which go far in sustaining your energy.
One way to induce labor is breaking this sac – otherwise known as an amniotomy.However, it turns out that breaking the amniotic sac *may not* speed up labor and if anything, it increases the risk of c-section. Some prenatal vitamins require you to take them with a full stomach, but that is not the case for Perfect Prenatal, which can be taken on a empty stomach.
At your first prenatal visit, your care provider will often let you know that if you have been working out before conception, it is usually safe to continue your routine during pregnancy (although you might have to make adjustments for a few of the moves). You May Receive A CatheterIf you get an epidural, chances are good you’ll also receive a catheter – a tube that runs into your bladder, helping to keep it empty during labor.Like frequent vaginal exams, a catheter increases your risk of infection – meaning you may need antibiotics after delivery.
You May End Up Giving Birth Via C-SectionWith roughly 1 in 3 births given by c-section, it is now the “most common surgical procedure in the United States.”And even though a c-section birth can saves lives, it’s associated with health risks for both momma and baby.
With your baby's nervous system forming before your may even know you are expecting, try abstaining from alcohol while you are trying to conceive. Packets like these are easy enough to throw into your hospital bag.Coconut water or coconut water kefir – Coconut water is a natural source of electrolytes. During my pregnancy with Brody, I continued with our daily fitness bootcamp up until I was 8+ months pregnant. And when it comes to restoring your electrolyte balance, plain water (or ice chips) aren’t so amazing.

You Might Not Be Given A Choice About Electronic Fetal MonitoringElectronic fetal monitoring (EFM) is standard care during a hospital birth. And it can be either intermittent – here and there – or it can be continuous.Recall how free movement is good for both momma and baby? But it is filled with minerals and wonderful probiotics that do good things for your immune system.4.
You May Get Several Vaginal ExamsIn order to see how labor is progressing, you might have several vaginal exams. This is when a nurse or practitioner checks cervical dilation (opening) and effacement (thinning).The problem with frequent vaginal exams is that they’re often inaccurate.
It found that typically, vaginal exams are less accurate than ultrasound – generally about 1 cm (or more) off.Keep in mind too that how quickly – or slowly – you dilate does not necessary predict when your baby will be born. Effacement matters too.Besides being somewhat unreliable, vaginal exams can increase the risk of infection.
According to one report, seven or more vaginal exams during labor require a longer hospital stay because of antibiotic therapy. Newborns are also more likely to acquire a group B strep infection.Instead of vaginal exams, you may want to gauge how your labor is progressing with the purple line – or bottom line. When it is all the way to the top, you are 10cm."If this sounds a little hocus-pocus, a study published in 2010 confirms that most mommas have a growing “purple line” during labor.

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