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Many woman prefer to choose over the counter estrogen creams ’cause of them effective , others prefer taking special  estrogen pills.
Before taking  any estrogen creams over the counter or other treatments, you should  consult a physician. Attention: Estrogen products can increase the risks of certain cancers, especially in patients who have a family history of these cancers. If you do not have any significant risk for health problems, you can find many available types of over the counter estrogen and progesterone creams. Estrogen in creams can be natural (phytoestrogen) or chemical, which  mimic the structure of estrogen in the human body. If you prefer  natural remedies, probably you will want to choose these estrogen products, because they don’t contain any synthetic hormones. A-Estriol Serum is a concentrated serum which is proven to rejuvenate and repair damaged skin within days.
The leading natural progesterone cream for over 30 years and the only one backed by clinical studies. Pro-Gest, a natural bioidentical progesterone cream, can supplement your body’s own progesterone levels and lead you to a statee of natural balance. The purest most natural ingredients possible to produce the cleanest natural estriol creme available. This creme gives superior penetration for the deepest and most complete delivery of natural estriol. Light cream helps relieve the symptoms of menopause and other female related hormone issues. Natural Phytoestrogens will reduce the symptoms of menopause without the side effects associated with synthetic hormone replacement therapy. Micronized Estriol Moisturizing Body Creme is an all-natural rich body moisturizing formula.
Source Naturals Bio-Aligned Formulas are formulations with potent bio-active  nutrients that go deep to the root causes of health imbalances and become powerful tools for vibrant health and well being. Now Natural Progesterone Cream is a safe and natural alternative to HRT to improve hormonal imbalances.
I came across your website when I was doing a research on estrogen creams, and I am pretty amazed with the results you have presented over here – great articles; very informative, filled with accurate prices and images of my potentially desired creams- keep up the good work! Bruise cream is a common name for any number of solutions that are used to help alleviate bruising. Various bruise treatments contain vitamin K, a recommended ingredient for healing many types of skin damage and blemishes.

There are many uses for bruise cream, from treating a simple bruise from a minor injury to treating major bruising from medical procedures such as cosmetic surgery. While some treatments can be very pricey, there are a number of products from which to choose. People can also create a simple home remedy to help heal a bruise, using products that are found around the home. While some products sound great, it makes sense to learn as much about them as possible before using them. My mother bruises so easily she constantly looks as though she's been in a fight or something.
I have heard that the best cure for a bruise is something most people wouldn't want to try. Since the area of armpit has folded skin it is easy for the bacteria and fungus to thrive on the sweat and moisture created in it. Since the area of armpits is vulnerable to bacteria and fungus it should be kept completely dry and clean. Mild ant-bacterial soap is recommended if the armpit rash is caused by bacterial infection. Most important is your  individual medical history.  Second is the strength and composition of products.
Also you should check your hormonal body type and do some hormonal blood tests, just to choose  the best over the counter estrogen product for your body.
Ice can make a dramatic improvement in a bruise by lessening swelling and slowing the leakage of blood in the area. I think it is just because she is thin skinned (or whatever causes it) because she's had the problem all her life. It is a common problem in both sexes that causes itching in the armpits and redness on that area. Some of the common symptoms of armpit rash are intense itching, inflammation of the skin in the area, redness and swelling of skin. The presence of hair follicles and sweat glands also makes it easy for the micro-organisms to thrive. Chemical allergy can develop in armpits when a person uses harsh soap or deodorants in armpit.
When the immune system gets weakened, these organisms outgrow in number multiplying rapidly. This gives room for micro-organisms to thrive on armpits causing irritation and discomfort.

For people who sweat in excess special gel containing alum chloride hexahydrate is prescribed.
Some woman prefer to choose herbals and make the homemade creams ( adding estrogen herbs to natural baby creams). It contains no artificial preservatives and due to the presence of Rose Hip oil, is fast absorbed into the skin for a smooth and silky texture. After the bruise has been treated with ice, a clean cloth soaked in a solution of vinegar and warm water can be placed over the affected area. It will look horrible if I have a big purple bruise. Is there a cheap remedy I can do to quicken healing?
But, kind of ironically, they can actually be used to suck out the bad blood in a bruise, if they are applied when it is relatively fresh. An individual who is not cleaning his armpit frequently is likely to develop armpit rash easily.
Sweat glands are blocked due to sweat causing red bumps on the armpits which is known as Miliaria rubra.
They also get the blood flowing to the area, which helps it heal faster. I don't mean for you to try this at home, of course.
Apply calamine lotion on the affected area which provides good relief from the symptoms of redness and irritation. Medical leeches are sterile, but home grown leeches could have all kinds of bacteria on them. Armpit rash is caused by many factors like lack of hygiene, allergen, excessive sweat, candida infection, exposure to hot climate and dermatitis. Itching is controlled by taking oral pills, applying skin creams that contain antifungal medication. Armpit rash can be treated with suitable medications after examining the root cause of the rashes. Excess use of deodorants will block the pores of the sweat glands leading to the formation of blackheads. This might cause itching and redness and for some people abscess may also develop in that area.

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