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Blepharitis can be classified into two forms, posterior blepharitis which causes inflammation inside the eyelids, and anterior blepharitis which causes inflammation near the base of the eyelids.
Individuals suffering from the condition would need to clean their eyes at regular intervals throughout the day to prevent the formation of crust on the eyelids.
Standing under a hot shower is known to be effective in treating both forms of blepharitis. Applying a drop or two of tea tree oil on the inflamed eyelids can effectively treat blepharitis and its symptoms.
Applying some baby shampoo over the inflamed eyelids can effectively treat blepharitis in individuals.
A few drops of castor oil added to the inflamed eyelids can effectively bring down the swelling, itching, irritation, burning sensation and pain associated with blepharitis.The best time to follow this remedy would be at night when a cotton bud can be used to gently apply the oil all over the eyelids and lashes. Placing a few slices of grated potato over the inflamed eyelids can effectively reduce the swelling caused by blepharitis, and provide immense relief from the pain and itching caused by the condition.
Coconut oil is often recommended as a very effective home remedy for blepharitis, and is considered instrumental in reducing the pain and irritation caused by the condition.A cotton bud needs to be soaked in coconut oil and then placed directly above the inflamed eyelids for about 20 minutes.
In some cases, blepharitis can be caused due the presence of lice in the hair, eyebrows and eyelashes.
Opting for over the counter NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine) supplements can help treat blepharitis and its symptoms effectively.
The large blood vessels around the rectal area can become swollen, inflamed and start bleeding. This article enlists some  most effective home remedies for you to consider, in order   to soothe your bleeding-hemorrhoid-ridden  bottom. In most of the cases, it is the strain exerted while passing the stool that causes the hemorrhoids.
The enzymes in the digestive system cannot affect the fiber, hence the fiber passes through the digestive tract absorbing a lot of water,     thereby softening the stool. If there is a need to pass the stool comfortably, use of laxatives should be the last resort. Drinking  tender coconut water twice  a day, proves very helpful to treat bleeding hemorrhoids.It can work like magic, even for  the stubborn  old hemorrhoids. If you have the urge to pass stool, go to the toilet, otherwise do not unnecessarily sit and strain yourself.

One wonderful remedy that works very well is take some oak tree bark, boil it in some water, say about 2  liters. The weight that you are carrying along, is also concentrated around your anal area. The fat deposits and folds increase the area that you need to look after. The condition usually arises when the oil glands located at the base of the eyelashes malfunction. Both cases, however, can be effectively treated at home with the help of certain home remedies. The best way to clean the eyes would be to use a warm towel to gently rub the inflamed eyelids.Doing so would effectively remove the crust formed on the lashes, and oil residues and scaly patches near the eyelids as well. Individuals with the condition would need to stand under a hot shower with his eyes closed (face turned upwards). A few drops of the oil can be applied to the eyes as well before bedtime in order to prevent the formation of crust.
Placing potato slices on the eyelids can also get rid of the infection behind blepharitis (and it symptoms).Individuals with blepharitis can opt to grate a fresh potato and apply the pieces on the eyelids for about 20 minutes.
The remedy needs to be followed at regular intervals throughout the day (maybe 3-4 times every day) in order to prevent the symptoms from flaring up again.
In these cases, it is considered wise to get rid of the lice before treating the condition and its symptoms.
These supplements contain an amino acid called cysteine which would stimulate the increased production of an antioxidant enzyme called glutathione in the body.
If you are one of those who suffer from bleeding hemorrhoids, you can try these home remedies, they are sure to help you. Once the hemorrhoids are there, then strained passage of motion becomes an aggravating factor, and the chances of bleeding increase many folds.
It is very important to keep the  digestive system in the best state.There is no point in being careless  or lazy,  and  instead look for the other medications, which may have side-effects. Let it remain there for about half an hour.Now warm some more water, say 5 liters  Put this warm water as well as oak bark infusion in a tub, in which you can let your bottom sit comfortably. Take some warm water, soak a small towel, squeeze excess water and keep this at the affected area for as long as it is warm. Repeat this and continue for about 20 minutes.
The inner layers of the eyelids can also be cleansed by gently pulling back the eyelids and placing a warm towel in these areas for about 20 minutes. The warmth of the water would melt and wash away the crust formed on the lashes.It would also reduce the inflammation caused in the eyes.

It would cause a stinging sensation for some time, but would effectively reduce the itching, irritation and swelling afterwards. A solution can be prepared by mixing a drop of baby shampoo in boiling water, and letting the resultant solution steep for about 30 minutes.A clean cotton bud can be inserted into the warm solution and then carefully rubbed against the eyelids (at the base of the eyelashes) to reduce the inflammation and remove the crust. Following this remedy at least 2-3 times a day can effectively eradicate the infection and bring down the symptoms of the condition within a few days. And that’s where petroleum jelly can be considered extremely useful. Applying some petroleum jelly on the eye lashes and along the base of the eyelids would suffocate the lice and kill them. The enzyme in turn, would help to loosen secretions, including the crusty secretions formed at the base of the eyelashes.Getting rid of these secretions would remove the blockages in the oil glands present in the eyelashes. The added moisture and bulk because of fiber will help  the stool to be eliminated without any strain. Fiber should be increased in your diet gradually, as it may cause bloating.
If that time goes away then the result will be dry stool, because the last parts of the digestive system continuously work to absorb water from the fecal matter. If there are some remains, they will irritate and inflame the area, which may result in infection with increased chances of continuous bleeding.Now comes the question how to clean the already delicate, sensitive and folded area. Rinsing the eyes with lukewarm water afterwards would wash away the dead lice.This can be followed by treating blepharitis using any of the remedies mentioned above. And that would in turn, effectively treat blepharitis and its symptoms (including pain and inflammation). If you have been taking fruit juices, stop that practice, instead start eating the cut fruits.
The dietary fiber will demand a lot of water, in the absence of which the stool will be dry.Please do not mistake those glasses of alcoholic drinks and caffeine loaded drinks as adding to the water content. This situation has to be completely avoided, in order to save our hemorrhoids from bleeding.
You should dry it by patting it with a soft cloth. There are some moist wipes designed for cleaning the anal area. Following this remedy at least once every day can effectively treat blepharitis and prevent it from recurring as well (in case it is caused by lice infestation). Let the fruit juices be there only for the sick, who can not digest fiber-rich diet because of sluggish digestive system, otherwise everybody else should eat fruits.

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