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Bigg Boss 8 is coming to an end, and the Challengers seem to have lost out to the original contestants. Hamara Photos is a premier entertainment portal covering the current events, movies, celebrities, photos, news, scoops, reviews and complete entertainment. In the Bigg Boss 8 Halla Bol Elimination: Sana Khan got evicted on 18th January 2015 episode. A question must be arising in your mind that who got evicted on 18th jan from Bigg Boss house? Upen is back in the show as a visitant and was projected to be leaving with Sana but luckily it didn’t happened.
After this nomination, the series will not be affected much as she was very straight forward because of which she was not able to contribute much to the television series. Finally, Khan Sahab got axed from the India’s most controversial and entertaining reality television show of colors tv.

Sana Khan was the one of the strongest contestant among the challengers but maybe she dint entertain the audience so, got eliminated.
The answer is Sana gets out because she received less vote compared to the other two contestants. From the 5 challengers entered in the house, Sana Khan is the first challenger to get evicted from Bigg Boss 8 house. Sana entered in the show with other challengers including Sambhavna Seth, Mahek Chahal and Rahul Mahajan.
Sambhavna got maximum votes for leaving the house, then sana and last Rahul but here it was opposite. In weekend ka Vaar with Farah Khan on Sunday eradication, Sana is the contestant who got the least vote from audience to stay in the house.
Mehek got shifted to champions group because she was voted as the best member for playing well in the task among challengers and on other side Gautam got voted and transferred to challenger group for showing least interest in the task.

She was being nominated on Monday by the maximum house members along with Sambhavna and Rahul. This way, mahek was safe from nominations and house members didn’t nominated Gautam so the left three got nominated S.
After challenger’s entry in house on 4th Jan, they were announced with a disadvantage of getting nominated as champions will not be nominated for next some weeks.
So, in the first week after challengers entrance, there was no removal because Ajaz khan was removed out of the house for having a physical fight with Ali Mirza.
Later, in the second week of Halla bol, Sambhavna, Sana and Rahul were nominated and finally Khan Sahab gets out of the reality show.

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