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A revolutionary treatment to apply synthetic hairs to the brows creating a full and natural appearance.
The safavieh shag collection, with its soft, luxurious deep pile, is the perfect, modern accent for your home.
How To Remove Eyelash Extensions Yourself Safely in 5 Steps - Minki Lashes August 18, 2016 HOMECONTACTBEAUTY DIRECTORY Minki Lashes The best e-magazine for all things eye makeup: from false eyelashes and mink eyelash extensions, to makeup trends, eye makeup ideas, tips, tutorials and eye makeup ingredients safety assessment and false eyelash glue reviews! Eyelash extensions are a great, semi-permanent way to add length, fullness and thickness to your lashes!
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The sturdy cotton backing and rich, high-density pile will ensuring high durability and a long life. The warm colors and soft feel make this the perfect rug to fill that empty space in your home.

2) Open you package of strip lashes and measure the eyelash extension compared to the natural eyelashes where the strips will be applied. 4) Tape down bottom natural lashes to prevent glue from sticking to unwanted areas during application. 5) Using Stays-On-Glue squeeze a small amount of lash glue onto a disposable plastic spatula or other surface. 7) Using the glue covered tip of the micro brush coat the natural eyelash of one eye with the lash glue in the location where one or two lash extensions will be placed.
Your FAUX LASH AUTHORITY and founder of the soon-to-be-launched affordable luxury BRAND of cruelty-free 100% Siberian MINK LASHES and MINK EYELASH EXTENSIONS.
9) Apply the glue covered strip eyelash extension to the glue coated natural eyelash starting from the inner corner of the eye and working outward.
While working the strip eyelash extension around the curvature of the eye, try to applying the base of the strip lash as close as possible to the eyelid.

10) While applying the strip eyelash extension add additional Stays-On-Glue lash adhesive with micro brush for any areas the glue may have dried and continue to apply strip lash.
11) Once the entire strip lash is applied use tweezers to squeeze eyelash extension to the natural eyelash to secure a tight bond. 13) Once both eyes are complete remove the tape from the bottom natural lash and enjoy the results of full, luscious looking eyelashes.

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