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The abdominal crunch is one of the most popular abs exercises and a great way to strengthen this area.
The starting position for the abdominal crunch is on your back, both feet off the floor, legs forming a right angle, shoulders just off the floor. Exhale, then simultaneously bring your knees in towards your chest, while lifting your upper body to an angle of around 30 degrees.
When your elbows touch your legs, pause for a second, then slowly return to the starting position.
Keep your chin up off your chest, and if necessary gently support your head by placing your hands at the side of the head. You can also perform this exercise with your arms straight along your body, which is a little easier, or with your hands crossed on your chest, which is harder.
As with all abs exercises, the movement should be smooth, with the focus on using your abdominal muscles to lift and lower yourself. Exercise and staying active may relieve low back pain and can help speed your recovery.
Aerobic exercises—such as walking, swimming, or walking in waist-deep water—also help you maintain a healthy back. Aerobic exercise, to condition your heart and other muscles, maintain health, and speed recovery.
Stretching exercises, to keep your muscles and other supporting tissues flexible and less prone to injury.
Hi,i find this article useful for me.I will try these low back pain exercises at home and reply you soon.
Disclaimer"Be Healthy, Be Happy", this blog, does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.
Perform the required number of repetitions for each exercise and then go straight into the next exercise. Place your feet one-and-a-half times your shoulder width apart with your toes turned out slightly.
TIPS: Keep an arch in your lower back at all times, keep your head up and stay focused on a point in front of you throughout the entire movement. Stand in a split stance (one foot forward and one foot back) with feet about 2 times shoulder width apart.
TIPS: Keep your back straight throughout the movement and keep your front knee slightly bent as you reach the top position.

Squeeze your calf muscles (back of your lower leg) as hard as you can when you reach the top position and hold.
TIPS: Perhaps try lifting one foot off the floor and perform the movement one leg at a time.
Since the hips and thighs are the largest muscle groups being worked in this series of workout routines for women, it is important that they form the foundation of your weekly workout program. Release the towel slowly allowing it to move away from your body in the exact opposite sequence (arms out first, shoulder blades move away from each other, lean forward slighlty). To make this exercise easier bring your feet closer to your body or take make it harder move your feet further away. Slowly lower the towel to the starting position with your partner maintaining the resistance.
Have your hands supporting the weight of your head but don't use your arms to assist with the lift. Slowly lift your shoulders off the floor whilst keeping a gap between your chin and your chest. Slowly lower back down to the starting position without letting your head touch the floor asnd repeat for 10-15 reps. Crunch up so your back comes totally off the floor (You may need to use your arms to provide some momentum).
Each Workout Routine for Women should be preformed on non-consecutive days to allow for sufficient recovery.
Workout Routines For Women Article Comments Not rated yetI tried some of the exercises above. Subscribers to theQuick Weight Loss E-Zineget a FREE copy of my 'Secrets of Weight Loss' Special Report (Valued at $27).
Dissecting the exact anatomy of the core isn’t very important, but let’s clear up one thing: there’s no such thing as best lower ab exercises.
There are three types of muscular contractions and they should all be used for a complete training program. The third is an eccentric contraction, in which muscles elongate to safely lower a weight (like bringing down a heavy box). The best exercises are always heavy compounds that hit big muscles and use the abs to transmit force. Those three abdominal exercise are tough and easy to learn, but will work for a very long time.

A lot of people will shake their head and say “that’s it?” Doing excessive rate of exercises can actually do more harm than good, and it rarely does more good than harm.
But most people do not do this abs exercise correctly, so see our abdominal crunch guide below.
Do these with a fast concentric to train your muscles for speed, and a slow negative to build eccentric strength. You can focus on the lower abdominals, though, for more localized hypertrophy, but the best exercises will light up all sections of the core at once and give effectiveness to home workout and press both the upper and lower parts of the abs.
Concentric contractions involve a shortening of the muscle and are the “standard” contraction (such as crunches). Hold the position at the top for a second or two to hit your abdominal exercises and is metrical.
If you do too many spinal flexion and abdominals exercises, your lower back muscles will be weaker in comparison and elongate that may cause to weight loss. Constantly switching load of ab exercises will just leave you mediocre at everything.Remember to stay focused on your abdominal muscles when performing stomach exercises. If you allow your shoulder blades to go all the way back to the floor, then the contraction in your abs will be reduced, making the exercise easier.
Use good form, and not only are you hitting your muscles in the best way possible, you’re doing isometric exercise for your abs. The abs also functions concentrically often, but it’s hard to design concentric exercises for the obliques. For beginners this is OK, for those that are more advanced, try and focus on feeling your abdominal muscles working throughout the movement. If you’re doing heavy compounds like you should, though, the obliques will be already getting hit hard enough and there’s no need to over train. They hit your quadriceps very hard, and the exercise is a favorite of Olympic lifters and power lifters for its almost-magical ability to train the core and burn off belly fat.
Be proactive in your training and make sure your spinal erectors are keeping pace with your sexy new abs.

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