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Foods to improve sex drive in males

PLEASE SHARE:Unfortunate as it may seem, the number of men suffering from variety of sexual problems are rising. Issues like low libido or sex drive, poor sperm count and quality, low production of testosterone hormone, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and more. The presence of these devastating conditions in men could lead to a low sex life and more, it could even be the cause of psychological problems specifically low self esteem and lack of self confidence. Luckily, healthy vitamins and minerals are there to help men with these unfortunate conditions recover and feel better than ever when it comes to sex. Although there are already alternative treatments and methods to use to enhance sexual performance, vitamins and minerals are said to be the best. When it comes to sexual performance, this vitamin is very beneficial as it improves a man’s sexual stamina, endurance and performance. Research shows that sufficient intake of up to 50mg per day can really boost sexual activities. This vitamin is capable of enhancing blood circulation specifically in the sex organ and an intake of 250 to 500mg per day or even twice a day will surely boost your sex life.
Guava – This fruit is capable of providing up to 228mg of vitamin C for every 100grams of serving.

Papaya – This is another good source of vitamin C that can deliver as much as 62mg of vitamin C for every 100gram serving.
Orange – Obviously, this citrus fruit is filled with ample amount of vitamin C to boost immune system and sex drive too. Vitamin intake doesn’t come with negative side effects unless taken more than its prescribed dosage and if you are suffering from underlying medical condition which prohibits the intake of certain vitamins.
This entry was posted in Male Enhancement Products and tagged best vitamin for male enhancement, food for male enhancement, male enhancement products. The Question Most Men With Size Issue Would Ask; What’s The Best Over-the-counter Male Enhancement? Therefore, enhanced sex drive and performance can be expected according to the University of Maryland Medical Center or UMMC. Vitamin B Complex –The main core or specialty of vitamin B complex is improvement of our nervous system and body energy. Vitamin C – Vitamin C is quite well known for its ability to boost the immune system. It is capable of giving 59mg of vitamin C to anyone who consumed about 100grams of serving.

Vitamins function in different aspects, it acts as antioxidants, energy booster, primary defence of the body and more. If in case you are still confuse if what is the best vitamin for male enhancement, you can ask your doctor. In fact, studies show that a total intake of 400 IU per day of this vitamin will surely boost libido. In case you’re not aware, vitamin intake is a must for it helps improve the overall vascular health of your body. Our vital organs, body tissues and cells are being protected once vitamin E is taken sufficiently. Experts claimed that vitamin C is another antioxidant agent that helps neutralize or balance the effects of the different free radicals in the body.

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