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For babies from birth until age 2, the World Health Organization growth charts are reformatted for ease of use by the CDC.
My daughter’s initial birth weight was questionable, but I know she weighed 7lb 7oz at 6 days, 8lb 2oz at 13 days, and 10lb 6oz at 1 month. Head CircumferenceWe did not receive an accurate head circumference measurement at my daughter’s birth. Growth measurement of infant will become a good indicator of the baby’s overall health, especially during the first three years. From information acquired by measuring and weighing thousands of children, growth charts were developed. For example, if a 2-year-old boy’s weight is in the 20th percentile, means that 20% of boys that age weigh less than he does and 80% of 2-year-old boys weigh more.
Growth charts have some curved lines which represents the 3rd, 5th, 10th, 25th, 50th, 75th, 90th, and 97th percentiles. In the growth chart, anywhere between the 3rd and 97th percentiles indicates appropriate growth. Rather than reading of the growth chart, it is more important to look at the infant growth chart trend. Please feel free to right click on the table and save it to your computer so you can print the chart. Centers For Disease Control and Prevention release baby growth charts for use by pediatricians in tracking the length, weight, and head circumference of children.

Nowadays, many countries have their specific growth chart for infants but many of the available country-specific growth charts are outdated from a small sample size, drawn from ethnic groups that may not represent your child’s ethnicity, based on malnourished populations, or all of the above. The national average for weight and height for each age and sex were established from these numbers and these are plotted on the chart to form a curved line. To be slightly above the 97th percentile or slightly below the 3rd percentile, also indicates normal condition of infant. Infants should usually follow one percentile line (or grow parallel to one percentile line) for height and weight. I move one, light vertical line over at the top of the chart to find one month and track it down to the bottom half. Her length is a little low, but given her parents’ heights, we are not concerned about it either.
Infant’s growth chart includes weight and height for boys and girls from birth to 36 months. Nutritionally well nourished infants receive emotional bonding from their parents, and have not developed a chronic medical problem will grow following a regular pattern. Even the growth charts of US are not perfect either but they are drawn from large population surveys and were currently modified to better reflect the racial-ethnic diversity in the US. For more information about the study please see the article Infant weight gain linked to childhood obesity. Unfortunately the data tables use the metric system while the charts have both imperial and metric measurements.

The middle, darker horizontal line equals 50th percentile (the baby is heavier than 50 percent of babies at that age). Her weight puts her between the 3rd and 4th lines from the top, meaning she is between the 75th and 90th percentiles. Her head circumference is a concern for us even as our pediatrician counsels us not to worry. In the growth and development of infant, Genes and lifestyle factors like nutrition and physical activity play big roles. In this article, you can find the growth charts which are used by the Center for Disease Control (CDC). If head circumference of the baby is bigger or smaller than most other kids or it stops increasing quickly, it may indicate a problem. My wife and I suspect that the vacuum extraction used in her delivery contributed to her small head circumference and we both hope that her head will grow normally over time.
Sometimes, special growth charts are also used for children who have certain conditions, such as Down syndrome. Higher percentile number of infant indicates that the child is bigger compared with other kids of the same age and gender, whether it’s for height or weight.

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