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Planet Ayurveda presents a wide range of quality herbal supplements for various health issues. Enlarged liver (hepatomegaly) is a medical condition where liver gets swollen beyond its normal size. Liver helps to process everything we eat or drink and filter harmful substances from the blood. It is a blend of many valuable herbs which are used traditionally for the treatment of fatty liver. It has fantastic actions on the immune system, Echinacea is found to have anti-microbial properties that work well in infective conditions. Phyllanthus capsules are very helpful in treating bronchitis, anemia, urinary discharge, thirst and asthma.
These capsules are made with a unique combination of herbs which act on the liver in a natural way.
All these herbal remedies together make best ayurvedic treatment for enlarged liver which reduces the size of liver and improves liver functions. Mens Health NewsLook The Best You Can August 9, 2016Training, Diet and Skin Care Tips to Help You Look the Best You Can If you’re anything like me, you’re active.
The prostate gland, which is normally about the size and shape of a walnut, surrounds the urethra between the pubic bone and the rectum, below the bladder. Prostate enlargement is caused by an imbalance in Vata dosha, it’s important to avoid Vata-aggravating foods.
Foods like wheat, rice, milk, tomatoes, yogurt, citrus fruits are recommended, while care should be taken to minimize spicy, bitter foods and astringents like beans and apples.
Robotic surgery prostatectomies are more common today, learn more about surgical robot lawsuits on this legal information website. To read interesting articles every month and to keep yourself upto date in the field of Ayurveda, Subscribe to "Ayurveda For You- IAA Newsletter"It's Free!!
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Ovarian drilling is a procedure in which a laser fibre or electrosurgical needle punctures the ovary 4 to 10 times.
Dr Stein and Dr Leventhal had postulated that the outside of the ovary was too thick to allow eggs to release from the ovary, a concept we now know to be untrue. The technique of ovarian drilling is to destroy (cauterize) the testosterone producing tissue of the ovary. Many physicians try to make the areas of cautery as far away from the fallopian tube as possible to try to limit the chance of tubal scarring. It has been noticed that success rates of the ovarian drilling is better in patients who were at or near their ideal body rate as opposed to the patients who remained obese at the time of the surgery.
La tiroides es la glandula que se encarga de regular el metabolismo, y si falla, se pueden dar diversos sintomas.
El problema es que los sintomas del tiroides al principio son algo confusos o inconcretos, por lo que se suele diagnosticar mas tarde el trastorno y no se consigue tratar a tiempo a menudo.
Existe otro tipo de trastorno de la tiroides menos comun llamado tiroiditis subaguda que se produce por una infeccion del tracto superior respiratorio. Las mujeres que padecen hipotiroidismo con una tiroides poco activa sufren sintomas como la depresion, la fatiga, desconcentracion, aumento de peso, piel seca, perdida de pelo, sienten frio, estrenimiento, calambres, infertilidad y menstruaciones mas largas.
Por otro lado, las que padecen hipertiroidismo con tiroides hiperactiva suelen tener sintomas como nerviosismo e irritabilidad, cabello fino y sensible, debilidad, temblores, insomnio, perdida de peso, suelen ir mas veces al bano, el corazon se acelera y tienen menos flujo menstrual y menstruaciones mas espaciadas.

Si crees que tienes hipertiroidismo por alguno de estos sintomas lo mejor es que realices controles periodicos, cada cinco anos mas o menos, a partir de los cuarenta. It has a wide range of functions including, detoxification, protein synthesis and production of biochemical’s necessary for survival. People who are in initial stage this condition get 100 percent result by using only yakritplihantaka churna only. For pacifying vata, larger portions of food can be eaten, but not more than what can be digested easily.
In most cases the ovarian drilling is done during laparoscopy – it results in a dramatic lowering of male hormones within days and is often performed in women who have polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).
Many women who fail to ovulate with ovulation induction drugs (Clomiphene or Metformin) will respond when these medications are used after ovarian drilling. The smooth appearance of the ovaries was presumed to be due to the lack of sites of ovulation that typically would leave scars. We now understand that high levels of testosterone and its derivatives within the ovary inhibit ovulation.
Laparoscopic ovarian drilling can trigger ovulation in patients with PCOS, however it is a surgical treatment, and is presently considered more of a “last try” to be used in women who are still not ovulating after losing weight and taking fertility medications. There are generally small follicles which are visible on the surface of the ovary; this is where the electrical or laser energy will be directed, as this is presumed to be the spots where hormone production is at its maximum.
Success rates for future ovulation range from 53% to 92%, with a slightly higher success rate when using electrical energy, which tends to destroy more tissue. Este problema suele darse mas en mujeres que en hombres y aparece normalmente a partir de los 40 anos. El problema mas comun entre ellas es el hipotiroidismo, que padecen una de cada 11 mujeres. Tambien esta la tiroiditis postparto que se da entre un 5 y un 10%, y la enfermedad tiroidea nodular. Enlarged liver ayurvedic treatment has been proven very effective in curing various liver disorders. It is an Anti-inflammatory herb that helps to cure many inflammatory conditions in the body, also decreases the growth of hepatitis-b, herpes virus and influenza. Instead, favor the Vata-pacifying diet, which includes sweet, sour, and salty tastes and warm, oily foods. All dairy products are believed to balance vata dosha, but take care to consume warm milk and avoid milk after a full meal. Ovarian drilling consists of performing micro-perforations in ovaries in order to induce ovulation. Side effects are rare, but may result in adhesion formation or ovarian failure if there are complications during the procedure.
The ovaries were several times the normal size, which along with the elevated male hormone testosterone raised the possibility of ovarian tumors. The theory as to how wedge resection of the ovary works is that it destroys enough of the testosterone producing part of the ovary to allow ovulation to occur. Usually the small follicles visible on the surface of the ovary are chosen as the spots to direct the electrical or laser energy, because presumably this is where hormone production is maximal. Aproximately 80% of patients who underwent ovarian drilling resumed ovulation, while nearly 50% were able to become pregnant. This narrowing of the urethra can cause some men with prostate enlargement to have trouble with urination.

Also spices like ginger, cumin, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, mustard seeds, black pepper apart from non-vegetarian food (except beef) and nuts are found to be good.
As Polycyctic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is characterized by ovulation disorders and represents the most common cause of infertility, mainly ovarian drilling is recommended to infertile women with PCOS. In the early 1980’s several scientific reports of partial ovarian destruction by laparoscopic surgery began to appear as the modern version of BOWR. Patients who are not ovulating after an ovarian drilling procedure have been shown, in many cases, to be more responsive to clomiphene citrate, even if they were previously impervious to the drug.
Vikram Chauhan is leading Ayurvedist from Chandigarh having solved many complicated cases from North India as well as rest of the world.
Natural Remedies For Enlarged Prostate You may, with your doctor's advice consider herbal supplements. Natural Remedies For Enlarged Prostate: Endosterol from is now available for immediate treatment.
Prostate enlargement or Benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH) may be the most common health problem in men older than 60 years.
However, all vegetables belonging to beans category except mung dhal and tofu should be avoided. All these herbs helps in correcting SGOT, SGPT levels and reduces excess fat from the liver therefore improves its functions.
First off, we want to see a dramatic transformation, something that will inspire other men to take charge of their …Choccy milk after a workout? Bilateral ovarian wedge resection (BOWR) of the ovaries was then introduced as a procedure that could assist patients with polycystic ovary syndrome to ovulate. Others have described using a vaginal ultrasound to guide a needle through the vagina into the small follicles on the surface of the ovary and draining the fluid (Myo, 1991).
It was the only method available until the introduction of the oral medicine clomiphene citrate in the mid 1960’s. The problems with BOWR were that it required a major abdominal incision and that almost all patients developed scar tissue (adhesions) around the tubes and ovaries that further exacerbated their infertility (Buttram, 1975). AIS dietitian Michelle Minehan says the tasty dairy drink can help with refuelling, rehydrating and repairing muscle, making it an excellent recovery beverage. As part of a balanced …Harder, Faster, Stronger… June 3, 2016Group treadmill training is taking the Northern Hemisphere by storm and is certain to hit Australia soon — but what is it and will it make you faster?  WHAT IS IT? With spinning developing into a megabucks business — devotees …Your Guide to Fish June 3, 2016The smartest and most affordable ways to incorporate the world’s greatest lean protein into your daily diet.
It’s high in protein, low in calories, and contains a lot less …Grooming Product of the Month June 3, 2016OLD SCHOOL CHARM, MODERN DAY TREND! The year was 1948… …Piero Martelli, on the eve of an economic boom, invented the Proraso Pre Shave Cream. This Hot Beef Bowl is a great …Italian Chicken and Avocado Salad April 28, 2016Preparation: 10 mins. Ingredients 8 chicken tenderloins 1 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil 1 tsp dried oreagno 400g mixed cherry tomatoes 4 cups baby rocket leaves 1 avocado, peeled, stoned, thinly sliced 1 small red …Buying Protein Online April 27, 2016Whether you buy protein online to save time, save money or simply because you like to buy in bulk, are you certain your conveniently delivered supplements are actually delivering true value? Some of us have more muscle, some have higher fitness levels, and some have a faster metabolism.

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