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Home Herbs Ashwagandha Ashwagandha Ashwagandha is one of the oldest and most potent herb used in Ayurvedic medicine.
Say goodbye to confusion about food and health with your personal Ayurveda body book, individually and custom formulated for your body. A one hour consultation by phone or in person shows you the Ayurvedic diet that will help you feel balanced, fit, and vibrant. Vata comes at the end of digestion, the end of the day, the end of the year, and the end of a person's life. Before sunrise and sunset - In the late afternoon, before sunset, Vata is high because the body is weary and deficient from a long day's work.
5-6 hours after a meal - Five to six hours after a meal Vata rises when blood sugar levels dip and the body gets hungry.
Waist & Lower Half of the Body - When Vata is high, the body becomes more mobile and the mind more active.
Skin - When ama from the colon vitiates the blood, the kidneys try to eliminate the toxins through the urinary tract.
Don't know what this vata thing is really but it describes me and my concerns down to a "t". At first I was a little skeptical since I work in traditional medicine, but the more I read I am amazed at how right on the description of my condition fits me! I am an extreme vata on the 6th day of an ayurvedic spring cleanse.It has taken 4 years to gain eight pounds of healthy weight and I've lost it all since Saturday! Danita, consider making an appointment with one of our practitioners for a one on one consultation. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. It is known as the "the herb that can support an army" thanks to its many potent medicinal benefits. Help them discover you and your unique personality by sharing your Ayurvedic constitution on one of these sites below.
In the early morning before sunrise, Vata is high because the nervous system stimulates the body to wake up. When the body is dry, the body struggles to absorb more water, leading to dryness in the colon. Located along the posterior side of the abdomen, these vital organs work with other organs to regulate blood pressure, increase red blood cell production, and synthesize vitamin D.
Consuming coconut oil will facilitate you to enhance the performance of the brain and can assist to boost memory. They enjoy being on the go but need to be sure to take time to slow down and rest as they tire easily and are prone to overstimulation. Thus it is of utmost importance to take proper care of our kidneys and clean it as and when required.

When Vata is out of balance, individuals become anxious, scatterbrained, dehydrated, constipated and exhausted. Therefore I am hereby explaining you few herbs that helps in maintaining th proper function of your kidneys.Herbs That Help Your Kidneys to Function Well1.
They are best soothed by routine, warmth, good quality oils in their diet and on their skin as well as grounding foods like root vegetables, whole grains and animal products.
Chanca Piedra (stone breaker) Chanca PiedraPhyllanthus niruri is a widespread tropical plant that is commonly found in coastal areas, best known by the common names stonebreaker or seed-under-leaf. It is a relative of the spurges, belonging to the Phyllanthus genus of Family Phyllanthaceae.
Its widespread use has earned it a positive reputation in Ayurvedic medicine as a helpful herb for kidney, bladder, and liver health.2.
GoldenrodGolden RodSolidago, commonly called goldenrods, is a genus of about 100 to 120 species of flowering plants in the aster family, Asteraceae. Most are herbaceous perennial species found in open areas such as meadows, prairies, and savannas. These compounds, such as withanolides - namely withaferin A - and somnine, play an important role in the plant's healing properties.
They are mostly native to North America, and a few species are native to Mexico, South America, and Eurasia. Rich in iron, the ashwagandha plant has proven to be one of the most powerful in Ayurvedic healing due to its wealth of active ingredients.
Goldenrod was used extensively among many Native American tribes for promoting urinary tract health.
Research has found that the herb tones the urinary tract and is helpful for detoxifying the kidneys.3. Ashawagandha's withanolides are thought to increase the production of free radical scavenging enzymes, giving it antioxidant and neuroprotective action.
Hydrangea RootHydrangea RootHydrangea root was popular among Native Americans and early settlers, both of whom used the plant for promoting kidney and bladder health. Hydrangea root acts as a solvent and is thought to smooth the jagged edges of kidney stones.
Withanolides have been shown to activate several parts of the immune system, increasing white blood cell count, among other effects.
Hydrangea root also speed up the use of calcium in our body so that it may be helpful for discouraging kidney stones from forming in the first place.4. HorsetailHorsetail HerbHorsetail is a common weed with diuretic properties.  It is not only helpful for increasing urine output to flush the kidneys and urinary tract but it also works as an antioxidant and offers that realm of benefits to the kidneys and renal system.
Finally, the alkaloids in ashwagandha can lower blood pressure and produce a tranquilizing effect.
Whether consumed as a tea or in a capsule, horsetail is a great herb to add to your diet.5.

Celery RootCelery RootCelery had always been used in either in form of seeds or root as a natural diuretic. It is advised that one does not consume more than two cups of infusion per day, or one to two capsules. Celery root has long been considered a stimulating tonic for the kidneys as it contains nutrients like potassium and sodium.6. Ashwagandha is generally regarded as safe, but because of its extensive pharmacological action, those looking to take supplements should consult a physician beforehand.Ashwagandha Side EffectsAlthough ashwaghanda is generally regarded as safe, it has been known to cause digestive distress, such as vomiting or diarrhea, especially in large doses.
Gravel RootGravel RootGravel root has always been used by Native Americans and early American colonists for promoting kidney and urinary health. Some cases have been reported of ashwagandha lowering blood sugar levels, so people with diabetes should be careful if taking it, especially if they're receiving insulin. Its effectiveness may be partly due to its characteristic of solvent with potent activity against harmful organisms. Potential interactions include MAO inhibitors (a category of antidepressants) and thyroid medication.
The herb is also contraindicated for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, and people ailing with chronic autoimmune conditions. It’s an astringent that can soothe and tone the urinary tract and research has also found evidence to support its traditional use for cleansing the kidneys.8. Marshmallow RootMarshmallow RootAs a soothing herb, marshmallow root may calm the tissues of the urinary tract.
Dandelion RootDandelion RootDandelion root is heavily loaded with health benefits especially for cleaning the kidneys.
The annual shrub, growing no taller than 14 - 30 inches (35 - 75 cm), has oval-shaped green leaves, and bears red fruit the size of a raisin. ParsleyParselyA favorite herb among chefs, parsley is an aromatic, flavorful herb commonly used in herbal medicine.
Ashwagandha plants are short in stature, staying close to the ground as a shrub.Varieties and Subspecies of AshwagandhaThe 'Jawahar' cultivar is high in alkaloids and well-suited to high-density planting. In fact, they prefer dry conditions, as excessive rainfall during the growing period can damage the plant. However, the herb is still used widely in Ayurvedic medicine, and India produces about 1,650 tons (1,500 mt) annually.
This information should be used only under the direct supervision of a qualified health practitioner such as a naturopathic physician.

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