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Visitors view a creation made of waste parts during the Nanjing International Auto Exhibition in Nanjing, capital of east China's Jiangsu Province, May 2, 2011. ERKE is a sports and lifestyle brand that specializes in the manufacturing, research, development and sale of shoes, apparel and accessories. Two driverless cars produced by Chang'an Automobile started a long-distance highway test from Chongqing on April 12, marking the first long-distance road test of self-driving cars in China. Shang Xiaoyuan, a professor at Beijing Normal University and an expert on child welfare, said she believes having a child expose their body in public is offensive.

Tong Xiaojun, a specialist in child rights at China Youth University for Political Sciences, agreed, and added that the auto shows set a bad example for children about what is proper behavior in public. However, organizer Zhang said the publishing of the pictures online had potentially done more harm than the show itself. Chen Ling, 33, whose 5-year-old daughter participated in the contest but did not wear a bikini, said her life has been disturbed after her daughter's photos were uploaded together with girls in bikinis. The organizers of a controversial auto show in which girls as young as 5 paraded in bikinis has dismissed criticism from netizens.

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