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This cusp combination often struggles to balance the two very different charateristics of their combined star signs. Capricorn and Aquarius is another Zodiac combination that works extremely hard to bring their ideas to reality and will doggedly refuse to give up.
They are logical and self-confident, but this can also make them aloof from the people around them.
Please note: The Cusp Dates given above can vary depending on the year of birth and are given as a general, not specific, guide. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

See our Copyright Policy regarding the use of content and images on this site, which is not permitted except under very specific circumstances. They love to talk and socialise and are happy having all sorts of conversations about strange or unusual topics. Ambitious and disciplined, determined and dedicated to achieving their goals, they crave independence, and can sometimes seem aloof, which can lead to difficulties in close relationships.
And although they are peace-loving and friendly, and normally tolerant and broad-minded, they can be narrow-minded and overcritical of anyone who does not have their drive and ambition. This is one of the responsible and traditional Zodiac combinations and among the most innovative and hard working, their great strength is in their ability to set goals and their willingness to keep working until they achieve them because they have inexhaustible ambition and are not easily distracted from their goals.

In business, they are practical, realistic and very careful not to get in over their heads.

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