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Everyone loves to have longer and healthy eyelashes and why not theses glossy and long eye lashes look so beautiful and enhance the beauty of your eyes. By picking any other way to enhance eyelashes, first of all take care of eye’s cleanliness and check that whether your eyelashes are suffering from dandruff or not. Almond oil and castor are also two best tonics to have large, thick, dark and glossy eyelashes. We carefully select eyelash extensions by measurement of their curl and thickness – and in doing so, can ensure that the extensions closely resemble your existing lashes. We also advocate the use of silk lashes, which are lighter than typical eyelash extensions, allowing them to flex and taper with your existing lash, creating the most natural look and feel possible.
A full set of lashes takes just 1.5 hours to apply, with a half set taking only 45 minutes. We advise clients to use oil free products only, which prolongs the life of your extensions.
Clients typically return every two to three weeks for maintenance – and to replace lashes that have naturally shed during the cycle.
We always patch test extension adhesive 24 to 48 hours before treatment, to ensure no reaction or sensitivity due to the product’s strength. Eyelash extensions will stay firmly in place while you sleep, go to the gym – and even when you go swimming!

The Lanes Health and Beauty’s ‘Hollywood style’ boutique salon is located in the heart of Brighton’s historic Lanes. ABOUT US Located in the heart of Sydney’s CBD since 2006, VL Laser Cosmetic are conveniently available to make you feel and look your absolute best. Yellow base foundation is best for the American African black women and applies a thin layer of this foundation for natural looking makeup.
There are different colors of blush on but these all colors are not right for African American skin tones. Use naturals, light pinks and dark burgundy lipstick color for applying African American as a lip color.
Shimmery and metallic eye shadows colors are the best colors for African American skin tones. All these make up tips only for the African American women and through this make up tips they highlight their beauty in natural look. Apply Vaseline or petroleum jelly on your fingers and softly apply on your eyelashes from root to tip and leave them for overnight. Let The Lanes Health & Beauty brighten up the end of your week, with our latest blog covering one of our very specialist treatments – eyelash extensions.
Eyelash Extensions are just one of many specialist treatments available from our full time expert team of beauty therapists.

We always strive to offer the very highest service however due to our busy diary we cannot always guarantee the full appointment time for late arrivals.
Natural looking makeup is not difficult for African American women but for this purpose they know about some secrets. When you purchase their foundation check in natural light and you can try two color combination foundations if you don’t have some specific color just like one darker and other lighter and this combination work well to get natural looking makeup.
African American black women try shimmer to enhance their cheekbones instead of other blush colors and this is perfect for this darker skin tone.
There are many small and easily available tips that you can adopt to enlarge your eye lashes naturally.
If you want to get natural looking face first of choose right foundation and one thing remember that this foundation is not for as a makeup base but also for good looking skin. There are several types and colors of foundation are found in market but you understand that all these foundation are not perfect for all skin types.

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