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China's Deng Wei broke the world record as she won Olympic weightlifting gold in the women's 63-kilogram category Tuesday. China's Deng Wei won the women's 63kg weightlifting by breaking two world records in just five lifts at the Rio Olympics on Tuesday.
Deng, world champion in 2014 and 2015, came into the clean and jerk competition with a four-kilo buffer in the snatch. Then the 23-year-old lifter began her solo in the fifth attempts, putting an ambitious 147kg above her head steadily for a total of 262kg, breaking two world records in jerk and total by one kilo respectively. Choe Hyo Sim of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, bronze medalist at the world championships in 2015, clinched the silver medal at 248kg while Karina Goricheva of Kazakhstan, third in 2015 world ranking, grabbed the bronze at 243kg.
Another title favorite Lin Tzu-chi of Chinese Taipei missed the women's 63kg final as the world record holder was given a provisional ban on the eve of the competition here for abnormality in her urine sample, local media said. With our colorful Meet the Teacher signs and printables, you can add some fun and color to your night without spending hours prepping. Meet the Teacher Newsletter  (click underlined title to download)  This editable meet the teacher newsletter is an easy way to introduce yourself to your families.
The collection we are sharing includes sign in sheets, parent contact information and volunteer forms. You will also find a school scavenger hunt, perfect for helping your students take a quick tour of the school.

Treats – Here are two ideas for treats you can give your new students on Meet the Teacher night. We have a commercial use license for KG Fonts but you will need the following fonts downloaded on your computer if you plan on editing the PowerPoint version:  KG Primary Penmanship, Janda Closer to Free, Janda Curlygirl Serif and KG Broken Vessels Sketch.
City councillors to ponder goose droppingsCanada geese are making a mess of Windsor parks and there's little the city can do to stop them. After jerking 138kg in her first attempts, she had already won the gold medal with a total of 253kg as other opponents had finished all the lifts.
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump kisses his wife Melania Trump at the end of the Republican National Convention on July 21, 2016, in Cleveland, Ohio.
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Avtandili Tchrikishvili carries the flag of Georgia during the opening ceremony for the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Friday, Aug. If you encounter a comment that is abusive, click the "X" in the upper right corner of the comment box to report spam or abuse. The Canadians decided to go with Toronto’s Dsquared2 for their Olympic opener, with Rosie McLennan as flag bearer.
It might matter because a college degree can be an important credential for someone applying for a visa to work in the U.S.

After missing his country’s excruciating 7-1 semi-final loss to Germany at the last World Cup, Brazil’s captain is looking for a sliver of redemption on home soil.
Although Olympic athletes are split clearly along national lines, the effort to protect the Games off the field of play is far more cooperative — and of the 51 countries contributing intelligence to Brazil’s counter-terrorism operations, no one is taking security more seriously than the U.S. Your duration of stay is set by the immigration authorities when you arrive, with a maximum of six months.
If she had a work visa, why was it necessary to travel back and forth every few months to stamp it? If she had a tourist visa, why was she working?This topic might seem less worthy of investigation if her husband had not waged a lengthy crusade demanding to see various birth and education documents pertaining to President Barack Obama. In addition, the Trump campaign has dedicated itself to the proposition that anyone who has gamed the U.S. There may be an excellent reason for Melania Trump’s seemingly untroubled navigation of what, to many visitors, are treacherous legal waters.

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