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About pse archery precision shooting equipment (pse) is the largest manufacturer of compound bows, target bows, crossbows, and traditional recurve bows in the world.. A very reliable and detailed method for archers to determine their draw length and approximate draw weight requirements. Bow report: pse dream season decree hunters favor bow fast highly tunable, light weight moderate length, pse dream season decree. Copyright © 2015 Caroldoey, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. PSE heard the voice of its loyal customers when they asked for the performance and features of the DNA with a smoother draw cycle. Providing both physical and complementary support to the new Source Cam are PSE’s 4th Generation X-Technology Limbs. The PSE Centerlock2 limb pocket is significantly lighter than the original version while maintaining the same level of centerline control. This all means that the engineering provides no-hassle durability through stress mapping the limbs; the past parallel position reduces shock noise and vibration while the pockets keep everything in line for consistency and accuracy.
The riser is designed to position the limbs, cams, cables and string in such a position as to precisely center the arrow in the structure of the bow. PSE’s adjustable Flex Cable Slide system is essentially a mini X-Technology limb manufactured with a friction-reducing material that allows the cable slide to operate freely and quietly.
While the DNA SP is not as quick as the original, it is still faster than most competing rigs, and there is a big upside to be found in the smoother draw cycle.
What you may not know is that the same company with this impressive string of top-end stars also offers one of the best “bang for your buck” bows on the market—the Charger.
The Hoyt Vector 32 features the popular TEC LITE riser design with the new Perfect Balance Stabilization System, RKT Cam & 1?2, XTS PRO ARC limbs, Pro-Lock X-Lite limb pockets, 180 Pro Fit grip, In-Line Roller Guard and more.
Mathews is focused on the enjoyment and overall experience an archer is afforded when shooting one of its bows.
For 2013, BowTech introduces the aptly named Experience, a bow designed to maximize the archer’s overall shooting experience, with a strong focus on accuracy.

They created a whole new cam as a result and have added “SP” to the name, which stands for “Smoother Pull.” This all-out effort for their customers speaks volumes about the company’s focus and commitment. The company took the draw cycle of the popular Evo Cam and designed it to work with center pull geometry—the result is PSE’s Source Hybrid Cam. A pin protruding from the Inner Cam is positively positioned into one of the available holes on the main body of the cam. Well, it gives you a smoother draw than the Core Cam while still smoking arrows down range at at blistering speeds. The aluminum, closed-end pocket pivots during the draw weight adjustment process for superior control and alignment. This is called Center Pull technology and was developed to optimize tunability potential and overall performance. The rod flexes toward the centerline of the bow during the draw cycle, which reduces lateral load by up to 30 percent.
Raptor Grip, a stainless steel stabilizer-mounting insert, multiple sight mounting positions and the micro-adjustable BackStop2 with polymer bumper.
This riser is designed to help you find the ultimate tune quickly and without a ton of equipment.
Recent hits include the innovative Carbon line, Spyder Series, Vector, CRX, Maxxis and the one you still hear bowhunters talk about today, the AlphaMax. The Motive 6 is loaded with many features, including the powerful H13 Synchronized Hybrid cams, Max Pre-Load Quad limbs, Dual Offset String Suppressors, 4?4 Roller Guard and Bear Logo Overmold grip. The flagship Creed was created with a synergistic approach, meaning they brought together all of the top technologies from previous models into mechanical and aesthetic harmony. This rig features the new CarbonCore Limbs and Extinguish Dampening System, along with a host of proven technologies such as the OverDrive Binary Cam System, Center Pivot Extreme Riser, Two-Piece Wood Grip, FLX Guard Cable-Containment System and Octane factory string and cables. It all starts with a super lightweight GeoGrid Lock riser, which is home to the Reverse Assist Roller Guard, Harmonic Stabilizer Lite, Dead End String Stop Lite and the Rich Walnut SlimFit Inline grip.
This cam still produces IBO speeds reaching 345 fps on a 6-inch brace height and 75 percent system letoff. The fiberglass limbs are made through a proprietary process and are sorted into consistent sets based on spine value. Also incorporated into the riser are tuning marks engraved into the shelf area, which provide a good starting point for your tuning efforts without the need for lasers, levels, etc.

The Flex Cable Slide reduces torque, which equals more forgiveness, consistency and accuracy. A small “bump” and mild vibration at the shot were easily tamed with a quality stabilizer, while noise was minimal.
The Creed is outfitted with the SimPlex Solocam, split parallel limbs, super lightweight GeoGrid Lock riser, and much more. Also featured on the new rig are the company's SphereLock Pivoting Limb Cup System with Limb Turret, SE5 Composite Limb System and the Heli-m Cam. Along with all the typical cam features, PSE also offers an optional limb stop for the Source Cam.
The riser is lightweight and has other features that eliminate hassle, keep noise to a minimum and offer sighting adjustability. The Hunter Cam is the centerpiece in Elite’s drive for shootability, while the modules guarantee optimal performance at every draw length. Among other things, you will witness state-of-the-art CNC machining and futuristic robotics.
He loves to create and improve current designs and brings his considerable engineering expertise to the table as his company pulls it all together for an impressive package in the Monster Chill. Driven by its “Refuse to Follow” motto, BowTech has built a strong following by taking bold design risks and developing a host of leading bow technologies. The company has long been considered one of the world's top bow makers and has served the entire bowhunting community by pushing the envelope. There is no denying that founder Matt McPherson and his hard-working team are a special bunch. The new Spyder line was created by diehard bowhunters and designed with a clear purpose—getting the job done in the field. Hoyt makes top-notch bows that meet advertised performance specifications, and the company’s people are some of the best in the industry. Hoyt came on strong again in 2012 with an impressive lineup, and the all-new Vector 32 is one of the shining stars.

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