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Last year, while on the set of Star Trek Beyond, I spoke to Scotty actor Simon Pegg, and he filled me and the other visiting press in on what this design is. When asked if it’s like that infamous port from that other sci-fi franchise, Star Wars’ Mos Eisley, Pegg laughed, “No, no -- that's a wretched hive of scum and villainy! Yorktown also has a very unique design, a sort of round and transparent enclosed structure that seems to generate artificial gravity on its curved, interior surface (kind of like a very small Dyson sphere, perhaps, although there's no obvious energy source at the center of the base).
When the new Star Trek Beyond trailer dropped, many fans were quick to notice a massive space station. That gigantic space station, space ship, starbase thing we got a glimpse of in the second Beyond trailer? When asked if the Yorktown is anything like a certain other famous spaceport, Mos Eisley, Pegg laughed and responded, “No, no — that’s a wretched hive of scum and villainy! Back in October, we got our first glimpse at Starbase Yorktown, via photos leaked during the film’s shooting in Dubai. And, to get an idea of how big the Yorktown really is: remember all of those outdoor scenes? Both releases came simultaneously with the Star Trek Beyond fan event hosted at Paramount Studios in LA, which also included a few other treats. We get some really good looks at what is presumably Starbase Yorktown, which isn't nearly as much a planet as it first appeared.
And some fleeting glimpses of the USS Franklin, which looks amazingly similar to the NX class. On top of the trailer, at the fan event, a behind the scenes video was also screened, and a further video tribute to Leonard Nimoy. Interestingly the dedication plaque of the USS Enterprise-A (prime timeline) also featured in this set.

Those in attendance were also treated to an exclusive poster, a nice homage to the The Motion Picture poster, which looks especially cool with Jaylah's facial markings. That's not all they got, everyone there will also be invited to the film's world premier n July 20th at the San Diego Comic Con. Meanwhile back at tonight's event, the crow were ushered outside to witness a further tribute to Leonard Nimoy, the naming of a street in his honour. After the screenings, attendees were taken to an exhibit of costumes and props from the movie. Recent and forthcoming release highlights below; for a detailed listing of all the many releases this year visit the the 2016 schedule page.
Things seem a bit thin on the ground merchandise wise for Star Trek Beyond , with quite limited offers of toys and books. Another fun moment for the children competing was when just Graham Elliot dressed up as a chicken. Was the Enterprise docking with an orbital platform above Earth, ala Star Trek: The Motion Picture?
The film more or less starts with the USS Enterprise docking with this base during its legendary five-year mission.
This is the opposite of that.” In fact, it sounds like the writers were shooting for a classic Star Trek feel to Starbase Yorktown, a place where the many species that make up the United Federation of Planets can meet to pursue a better, common future for all. Pegg, a lifelong Star Trek fan, said that coming up with the idea of the base was only the first step to fully conceptualizing the final design. The interior seems to have surfaces with gravity working in multiple directions, which is ready for some exciting actions scenes (that we get the briefest glimpse of). Trek News, has more details on that event, which rather unusually for a film premier will also feature a live soundtrack performed by the San Diego Symphony Orchestra.

To keep track of all the latest information on the film, visit my Star Trek Beyond guide page.
Sorry folks, but this article is about a certain ship that appears at some point in Star Trek Beyond . Simon Pegg reveals the newest Starbase, and confirms some spoilery photos we saw during the Dubai shoot.
The behind the scenes video in particular highlighted that some fifty aliens have been designed for the film, as a nod to the fiftieth anniversary.
Cinema Blend have good descriptions of what they were shown, which included: A Captain's log montage describing the tiredness of the crew three year's into the mission as the Enterprise is on it's way to Starbase Yorktown. As the remaining contestants compete, judge Christina Tosi brings aboard her mother Greta for a mystery box challenge. TrekMovie were thankfully on hand live streaming both sessions, and hope to post their full video online for later viewing.
Highlights included the promise that the film has some sort of significant dedication to Leonard Nimoy.
Also mentioned is the way the crew is split up after the destruction of the Enterprise - The previous trailer put a very pleasing focus on Spock and McCoy being stuck together, but Chris Pine also seemed very enthusiastic about how Kirk and Chekov's pairing works. Abrams also made a point of highlighting that thanks to pressure from Justin Lin the Paramount lawsuit against the Axanar fan film will be "going away".

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