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TweetThe fornt-wheel drive 1981 Talbot Horizon 1.5GL had a modified camshaft to improve engine torque and chafe the gear ratios to give effortless acceleration and uncanny fuel economy. TweetDue to significant engineering breakthroughs, the 1980 Austin Metro was designed to g0 12,000 or one full year between services of any kind. An enlarged oil filter element and long-life spark plugs which did not need cleaning were standard as well. With its new A-Plus engine and refined, positive gear box, the Metro delivered great performance and great economy.
The Peugeot 205 was first available as a GTI in 1984 and was initially powered by a 4 cylinder, 1580cc, 1.6 petrol engine.
TweetThe MG Maestro 1600 was a no nonsense rugged, reliable and luxurious 5-door hatchback.
TweetIn 1989 Volkswagen created the Golf Rallye, the car featured four-wheel-drive with a heavily revised supercharged 1.8 engine. TweetThe 1700cc Renault 11 TXE had a brand new and more powerful 1761 cc engine mated to a 5-speed manual gearbox that produced 80 BHP reaching a iximim of 106 MPH that got an amazing 54.3 MPG.
TweetThe 1984 Vauxhall Nova RS took 10.6 seconds to get from 0-60 MPH and had a top speed of 103.
Tweet$5,499 was a down payment for most cars but for the 1989 Hyundai Excel, it was the MSRP and came with more standard features than any other car in its class. TweetThe 1979 rear wheel drive Toyota Starlet GL 1000 5-door had a 993 cc, four cylinder engine reaching a minimum speed of 84 MPH and got 48.3 MPG. It was fired with MacPherson strut-type suspension at the front and four-link location coil spring suspension at the back. TweetThis 1984 Subaru GL is a very rare find, and is currently available for sale at Rover Classic.

The 1980 front wheel drive Subaru Hatchback was a true economy car that retailed for $3,999 and achieved 41 MPG highway and 32 city. TweetThe $5,500, 1987 Subaru Justy’s 9-valve, 3-cylinder engine achieved 38 mpg city and 41 mpg highway. An impressive purchase, considering this vehicle won the World Rally Championships in 1987, 1988, 1989 and 1990. The 1600ccR series engine with two twin choke carburetors and five speed gearbox delivered truly impressive performance.
The car has a similar suspension set up to the 16-valve, except that the springs and shock absorbers have higher damping rates and stronger anti-roll bars. It has a 1.3 liter OHC engine that produced 70 HP and was linked to a 5-speed manual gearbox. Like reclining bucket seats, plush cut-pile carpeting and five all-season steel belted radials.
It was a dream to drive with its rack and pinion steering and looked great with its smooth lines and wind tunnel tested profile giving it a low drag coefficient body. It even had some pretty high safety standards like collapsible steering column and the body structure was designed to adsorb the maximum amount of energy on impact.
It has a 4-Cylinder 1.8L H4 SOHC Turbo mated to a manual transmission and only has 47,731 miles. It had standard features like power assist front disc brakes, fold down rear seat, electronic ignition and side window defrosters.
It was the second generation of the model by Subaru which was produced from 1972 to 1992, and was known by a variety of names, like the Ace, Viki and Sherpa among others. Engineered features included front wheel drive, rack and pinion steering, fully independent suspension, power assisted from disc brakes and radial or steel belted tires.

Self cleaning sliding contact points are standard, as was a long-life battery which only needed topping once a year. It had better visibility with its huge glass area and the doors were extra wide so getting in and out was easy.
The bodywork was improved with redesigned front and rear bumpers with deaper aprons, the legendary steel box arches and rectangular head lights incorporated in a three-bar grille. Transmission options included either a 5-speed manual gearbox or a 4-speed fully automatic unit including overdrive, with an advanced direct-drive-lock-up clutch for an extremely smooth drive. With its upgraded suspension, low profile tires and a pair of purposeful spoilers, it had a fairly enjoyable ride. Its front wheel drive, low profile tires and wide alloy wheels gave it crisp handling and a smooth ride. Its concealed wipers, an upswept tailgate and an agresive slant nose gave it slippery aerodynamic lines. It had flush glazing, an integrated front spoiler and aerodynamic strakes and spoiler around the rear window. The refinements on the inside included the sporty, close ratio five speed box, padded leather-bound steering wheel, body hugging sports seats and the latest electronic instrumentation including a digital speedometer and a trip computer.

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