Muscles Beyond Limits - Muscle Hyperplasia

By  Sapien Medicine

(Congratulations you have found a Mythic Class item)

This recreates the C313Y mutation in myostatin directly and only in muscle cells.

That mutation induces increased skeletal muscle mass that results from an increase of myofiber number (hyperplasia). So its the raw base of stopping the production of myostatin, but only to Muscle, No organs included. The changes are induced by your RNA and are quite long lasting but not permanent. 

Directed activation of Myosatellite cells, also known as satellite cells or muscle stem cells, are small multipotent cells with very little cytoplasm found in mature muscle. Satellite cells are precursors to skeletal muscle cells, able to give rise to satellite cells or differentiated skeletal muscle cells. They have the potential to provide additional myonuclei to their parent muscle fiber, or return to a quiescent state. More specifically, upon activation, satellite cells can re-enter the cell cycle to proliferate and differentiate into myoblasts

The muscle fibers will recruit myonuclei from activated satellite cells and initiate hypertrophic growth.

Also Fat cells shall be converted (by using our formula of fat to stem cells, ) they will be induced fat to Muscle Myosatellite cells, or muscle stem cells.

All designed for an explosive increase in muscle mass, beyond your natural genetic limits.

Finally, there will also be a directed push of nutrients towards muscle cells. To help with their growth and development.

Of course, you are under no obligation to buy this.

If anything it’s a sit around, do nothing and get bulked field… even a little bit of work out and people should see massive steroid-like gains.

Being an item of Mythic Class, it is also so protected.

Use 2 - 4 times for best result, may feel hungry after as your body may require a lot more nutrition.

Also a smart field that get better at doing what it does.

If you use Adipose Swords, then use at least an hour or two after.

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