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The Goji Cream price in Lebanon is = 90000 LBP

goji cream lebanon price

Hendel's Garden Goji Cream Lebanon

Hendel's Garden Goji Cream is beginning to become very popular with women in Lebanon since there are so many positive testimonials and reviews on the forums from happy customers.

Goji Cream Chile is the solution for a face free of wrinkles, a face much younger, firm and smooth. This cream has become one of the most requested and sold in the market thanks to the great results it is able to offer to those who make a regular and adequate use of it. Goji Cream is the best selling anti-wrinkle cream in Lebanon in 2020.

What is Goji Cream?

Goji Cream is an anti-aging cream that has the mission of preventing the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of aging, as well as helping to reduce and even eliminate them, helping you to get rid of many years of aging. Thanks to this cream you can moisturize, nourish, tone, rejuvenate and regenerate your skin.

This will allow you to look much younger, firm, smooth, soft and beautiful skin, something that you cannot achieve with other anti-aging creams sold on the market. Hendel's Garden Goji Cream  is presented as a great ally for all those women who want to look a cared and young face in spite of the passage of time.


Benefits of Goji Cream

The benefits of Goji Cream are numerous, benefits that should not be overlooked if you are considering getting this anti-aging cream to restore vitality and elasticity to your skin:

  •     It helps to show off younger, smoother, softer and firmer skin

  •     Eliminates and prevents the appearance of wrinkles on the face

  •     Get your skin more hydrated, elastic and toned

  •     Nourishes the skin from the inside out

  •     Removes old cells and replaces them with young cells

  •     Prevents the appearance of the dreaded age spots on the skin


Goji Cream Ingredients

If there is one thing that characterizes Goji Cream, it is that it is composed of natural ingredients that help to take care of your skin from the first application. Its most remarkable components are:

    Goji Berries: The many nutrients that Goji berries possess are mainly responsible for the magnificent effects that it offers. These berries are not only rich in vitamins and minerals, but also have a wide range of amino acids.

    Grape Seed Oil: Eliminates toxins accumulated in the skin, as well as helps to tone the skin, giving it greater smoothness and uniformity.

    Jojoba oil: Nourishes and moisturizes the skin, as well as protects it from the harmful effects of the sun's ultraviolet radiation. Prevents the appearance of age-related skin spots.

    G-active molecules: Accelerate protein synthesis and fight the signs of skin aging at the cellular level.

    Allantoin: This compound moisturizes the skin in depth, in addition to promoting and facilitating the regeneration of damaged skin.


How does Goji Cream work?

As the years go by, the skin of the face gets older, and this is something that is reflected in the wrinkles that appear and are progressively accentuated.

Goji Cream is a last generation cream that has been carefully designed to be absorbed by the skin and to act on the different layers of it, providing it with the nutrition, hydration, tonicity, firmness and elasticity it needs to restore its lost youth.


How to use Goji Cream?

The use of Goji Cream is nothing complicated, on the contrary, its application is very simple and fast. The most important thing to take into account before applying this cream on the skin is that it must be completely clean and dry, free of any makeup or cosmetics of any kind.

How to apply Goji Cream

It can be used both in the morning and in the evening, although it is best to use it at night, when you clean your face well in order to go to bed, thus leaving the cream to act all night long. It is essential to note that it should not be applied around the eyes or lips.


Properties of Goji Cream

Goji Cream is a cream that combines 4 basic properties, 4 properties that make it a safe bet to say goodbye once and for all to the signs of aging:

  •     Anti-wrinkle action: Prevents and treats facial wrinkles, helping to eliminate and/or reduce them.

  •     Antioxidant action: Its vitamins fight premature aging, acting on the free radicals that cause the appearance of wrinkles.

  •     Regenerative action: Restores damaged skin, intervening and facilitating cell regeneration.

  •     Protective action: It protects the skin against external agents (sun, pathogens, cold, dust).


Goji Cream Contraindications, Side Effects?

It is a very safe anti-ageing cream, so there is no need to be afraid of problems or side effects of any kind, that is, it is a cream without contraindications.
Its natural ingredients make Goji Cream a perfect product for any skin, sex and age. It does not contain any ingredients that may result in the appearance of any negative effects on the skin.


Goji Cream - Final Comments

The comments that are made by Hendel's Garden Goji Cream users have shown that it is a cream capable of meeting the expected expectations. Although the cream begins to act on the skin from the first application, consumers indicate that it is not until after several days or weeks that they begin to notice visible results.

They emphasize that its application is very simple and that the skin absorbs it very quickly. A high percentage of women indicate that the results they have obtained with this cream are very satisfactory compared to more expensive creams. The best way to check that the consumer's comments are true is to try it yourself.

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