Who is Pastor Andrew?

Pastor Andrew is the creator of the Exodus Effect. He is a Pastor and theology expert from the state of Colorado. After his wife Lisa developed chronic pain, they tried many remedies to try and cure the pain. Pastor Andrew discovered the answer in a passage in the Bible. There were a set of sacred ingredients that God instructed his people to combine in a certain way to use for ultimate health and well being.

But it was discovered in 1939 by Dr Sula Benet that one of the most important ingredients in the Holy Anointing oil had been mistranslated as another thing, so the oil was never as effective as it was intended to be. Pastor Andrew pieced these things together and figured out what the exact formulation is supposed to be.

When his wife started using the oil, she had incredible results. He also says that this miracle oil is what sustained the health and well being of the Israelites when they were lost.

Exodus Effect Anointing Oil

Exodus Effect Anointing Oil

The Exodus Effect author Pastor Andrew says that this holy anointing oil or "miracle oil" is more powerful than anything that modern medicine or any man made drugs. He says it can renew your health from the inside out.


Exodus Effect Holy Oil Recipe

So, here is the passage in Exodus in the Bible that is the ingredients of the holy anointing oil:

Exodus 30 Anointing Oil Recipe

In Exodus, 30:23, God directed Moses to make a holy anointing oil composed of myrrh, sweet cinnamon, Kaneh-bosem, cassia, and olive oil. “And you shall make of these a sacred anointing oil blended as by the perfumer; it shall be a holy anointing oil.”


Exodus Effect Ingredients

Holy Anointing Oil basically consists of the following ingredients: Cassia, Olive Oil, Cinnamon, Myrrh, and Calamus


But, remember, one of the ingredients Pastor Andrew claims was mistranslated.


What is the Exodus Old Testament Error?

When the Bible was translated from Hebrew to Greek, the scholars made an error, which mistranslated the word "Kaneh Bosm" and made it one word, "Kanabos". Which, in the modern day Bible, the word is translated into "Sweet Calamus", which is a yellow desert flower that has no medicinal value.

But, it was then discovered that the word "Kaneh Bosm" is actually another word for Cannabis.

So, basically, the Exodus Effect says that in the Bible, it recommends the use of cannabis oil, and that is the ingredient that was mistranslated in the Holy Oil formula, and that created a situation where people were not using the exact forumulation as originally stated in the Bible.

If this mistranslation is true, then several passages in the Bible have a different meaning. The Bible does mention the word Kaneh Bosm several times. If this is the case then the Bible considered Cannabis to be a powerful and healing herb, with many medicinal properties. Which now with modern science, we do know that

Cannabis has been proven to have many medicinal properties. So the Author of Exodus effect is saying that now when you substitute Cannabis for the yellow desert flower, then that changes the whole formulation of the Holy Oil to be much more potent and healing.


What Is True Anointed Oil?

True Anointed Oil is Cannabis oil, or CBD oil. This oil is known for it’s healing properties. It can help with many different ailments like: arthritis, heart disease, MS, obesity, liver disease, auto immune disorders, neuropathy and other ailments and maladies.

In the Exodus Effect book, you'll learn step by step the benefits of CBD or cannabis oil, but also how when combined the right way, with the other ingredients, you will truly be able to maximize the healing properties of the real Holy Anointing Oil.

People have so many health problems which causes us not to live a long satisfying life. Natural remedies can be very effective and help us avoid harmful drugs, or even surgeries. Some of these natural remedies, like the Exodus Effect, are so ancient that they've almost been forgotten. But thanks to people like Pastor Andrew, who researched, studied, and uncovered this wonderful natural remedy that can help people be healthy again!


What will the Exodus Effect Give You?

It teaches you the specific ratio of different ingredients that have to be used in order to maximize the health benefits of the holy anointed oil. It talks about how cannabis oil can improve your health, boosts your immune system, and protects you from viruses, illness, diseases, and a lot more.

It also teaches you how cannabis oil can reduce pain and discomfort, no matter how sick you may be, and describes how cannabis oil can provide anti-aging benefits, by giving you a younger and healthier appearance. Exodus effect also shows you how to make divine coffee using healthy fats, cannabis oil, and other ingredients that are mentioned.


Exodus Effect Price

The Exodus Effect Price for the pdf book download is $67, which is a great price if it can improve your health to the point that you actually could save money on medical bills and prescription costs.



The Exodus Effect can give you the exact ingredients and how much of each ingredient to correctly be able to make the Biblical "Holy Oil", which when used is supposed to be very effective to help boost your health and wellbeing.

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