The American Red Cross suggests that everyone should have disaster survival supplies on hand at all times. It might be because of the grey, dark and cold weather of these days, Halloween approaching, or simply because last night in the United States and today in Italy starts the long-awaited fourth season of the cult series The Walking Dead, and since we don’t like to take ourselves too seriously, today we decided to start the week in an alternative way, with a selection never seen before, a huge list of essential items to survive a zombie apocalypse. A survival guide completely edible created by Land Rover, useful, but most of all, highly digestible.
Ladies and gentlemen… today I propose a new business, a means of transport that will allow you to bring tourists and curious through intense and exciting safari tour among zombies! Because running on ice or snow chased by a herd of zombies could prove to be quite problematic.

A serum against zombie bites, don’t throw it once used, it might turn useful as a travel mug. Consider the difference the types of supplies you will need if the crisis took place in the winter or summer.
When compiling your own survival supplies for a survival kit, the first thing you should consider is how long you think you may need to live off what you have stored away. In those cases, many people would be looking forward to several more days, weeks, or even months without anything to survive on.
During the winter, you would naturally need an array of warm clothing and extra eating supplies, but during the summer your main concern would naturally be additional water.

But, enough talking, we leave you with what I would call the ultimate collection of 100 essential (or almost) items to survive a zombie apocalypse.
Something else that needs your attention during the planning stage for accumulating survival supplies is transportation.

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