If you are stuck in a zombie apocalypse, chances are you are panicking too much to think straight.
Here in week three of Month of the Living Dead, we come now to a piece of the zombie library that probably should have been addressed at the beginning of the month, but I favored book-ending over preparation in this case. The Zombie Survival Guide is, as the title would suggest, a guide to survive situations when the dead would rise and attack the living. Some of the most important and detailed sections are devoted to how to survive an encounter with zombies: defense, attack, and being on the move.
The penultimate chapter provides the possibility of living in the worst of conditions: a Class Four zombie infestation. The final section is a collection of documented cases of zombie attacks throughout history, starting in the Neolithic Period and continuing on into the modern era.
Writers with a fascination of zombies may find it to be a valuable resource, as would Game Masters who are looking to create a totally original roleplay for their table-top group.
As entertaining as the book is, the serious tone may put some people off, as they might think the writer is being serious in his dissertation on zombies. Is is critical to remember that any zombies encountered during relocation are NOT family or friends but REANIMATED CORPSES INFECTED WITH A DEADLY CONTAGION.

IF THE WOUNDED INDIVIDUAL EXPIRES after being bitten, VACATE THE PREMISES IMMEDIATELY or execute the guidelines found in next section. Engage this step only if in an unsecured location, and ONLY if you have positively identified a zombie using the Zombie Classification Cards (supplied).
The first part of the book provides details of the enemy: from the virus that gives a corpse life, to its method of transmission and the basic characteristics and physical and psychological attributes of a zombie.
However, if you can take this book as a work of pure worldbuilding fiction (and good setup for World War Z), then it would be an excellent addition to your zombie collection. Mark area surround the remains with an appropriate length of CAUTION: ZOMBIE OUTBREAK ZONE tape (supplied). From here, the guide goes on to explain the different levels of a zombie attack, from the minor Class One that would involve a small isolated incident, to the end-of-the-world scenario that is a Class Four.
Most if not all governments and organized resistance has vanished into the stomachs of the undead, almost every urban setting and bit of civilization has been overrun, and only small pockets of humanity eke out meager existences as they struggle to rebuild and survive to see the next day. A friend of mine who is familiar with firearms has shown me several arguments that contradict some of what is stated (mostly in the case of the .22 rimfire round), but in the end this is a work of fiction and was written as such, not as a truly practical guide to surviving zombies. Contagion is transmitted via a bite, and ANY interaction with a zombie results in repeated attempts to bite.

Survival is all about having the right tools, the proper plans, and above all a practical knowledge of the incoming threat. Vehicles, groups, and the proper time to move are all explained here, as well as the various types of terrain and how they can be benefits and hazards to both the survivors and zombies. Raiders, nature and zombies are all common threats, and the stability of a group relies on the loyalty of its members and charisma and skill of its leader. The sole purpose of The Zombie Survival Guide is to entertain, and entertaining it is indeed. And that’s where Max Brooks’ The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead comes in. Whereas most stories focus on a single character or group of characters dealing with a sudden threat in their world, The Zombie Survival Guide is pure worldbuilding, establishing a setting where mankind has been living with the threat of eternal death since it was able to crawl out of the primordial muck and stand erect.

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