WW2 evacuationDuring WW2, people were concerned about German air raids killing innocent civilians (particularly children).
TM 20-205 “Dictionary of United States Army Terms” defines an Aid Station as follows: a First-Aid Post or Center established by the Medical Department on the route of evacuation from a combat area to which the wounded are brought, also called Dressing Station or First-Aid Station. An Aid Station is arranged so as to provide a place where casualties can be received and await medical treatment, a place for treatment of seriously wounded and another for slightly wounded, and a place where casualties can await further evacuation. All available transportation is utilized for evacuation of wounded in order to prevent their capture; but casualties that cannot be evacuated must be abandoned (command decision). Life back soon different techniques to determine what direction ww2 evacuation kit list vikram kumar - An e-bike is one point. Within ten days over 200,000 frightened parents had applied, swamping the CORB offices with requests for their children to be considered for overseas evacuation.

Mrs Fryer reported in March that since January the WVS had enrolled 365 women to ARP services, Transport, Hospital Services and Supplies and Evacuation Services.
A Government minister was later heard to say of the evacuation, that if it were ever to be done again, they would transfer people much further away, as it was easy to return to London when they were only a short distance away.
I was with another girl, Brenda King, who when one day I was told to scrub the pantry said “I will do it for you Kit” and I said “No I’m Cinderella you’re the ugly sister”. The medical assistant (MAC Officer) routinely gave emergency treatment to the slightly wounded and prepared casualties for evacuation. Needless to add that medical personnel, such as Officers and Enlisted Men, each carried the necessary individual First-Aid Kits and the appropriate Geneva Convention Brassards and ID documents. The first step was for the Women’s Voluntary Services for Civil Defence for Hertfordshire to write to all local authorities offering the service of a WVS Evacuation representative in their area to assist with the survey.

If notice of evacuation be given by wireless, children should arrive at school one hour before time given for evacuation.
Evacuation tried to ensure the safety of young children from the cities that were considered to be in danger of German bombing - London, Coventry, Birmingham, Portsmouth etc.
During an attack, the Battalion Aid Station would be located as far forward as protection permitted, and the Litter carry was to be kept as short as possible to allow for prompt evacuation and basic treatment, and to ease the task of the Litter Bearers.
By the end of the Second World War around 3.5 million people, mainly children had experienced evacuation.

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