The bushfires in Victoria have so far claimed 131 lives, making it Australia's worst-ever bushfire disaster. CYCLONE MAHINA, 1899: struck Cape York in the country's far north, causing the greatest death toll of any natural disaster in Australia's recorded history. This post explores some of the most explosive fire related natural disasters in recent history.
Considered the worst fire in American history in terms of lives lost, the Peshtigo Fire claimed 1,500 souls and destroyed 3.8 million acres.

Helens, part of the Cascade Mountain range that runs through the Pacific Northwest into Canada, is famous for its violent explosion in May of 1980 that devastated the region, killed 57 people, and sent a cloud of ash and debris around the world. The damage left behind made the Great Chicago Fire famous as one of the worst fires ever to strike a city. It is reported that during the struggle with the natural disaster killed two rescuers were poisoned by carbon monoxide. 1997, 2006 and 2007 saw some of the worst fires on record, but the original 1982-1983 drought-driven fire was an unforgettable blaze marked as one of the worst fires of the 20th century.

Warning systems for natural disasters
Community emergency preparedness and response plan


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