May 3, 2011 — When it comes to selecting your best place to retire the weather, climate, and exposure to natural disasters can have a major impact on your retirement enjoyment. Anyone who watched the news this week knows that the cities and states along the Mississippi have the worst flooding problems, along with those regions drained by its tributaries from Minnesota to Louisiana to Tennessee and Pennsylvania.
There are at least eight disasters that may soon change life as we know it, and seven of them are already underway. Beyond that, we must understand that there are elitist powers that control the finances, resources and technologies, and run the world’s institutions, that want the vast majority of us to be dead and gone.
The introduction of heavy reliance on chemical farming methods after World War II, has caused further erosion of the mineral values of our soils and thus the quality of our crops.
Meanwhile through techniques of weather control, extremes of drought and flooding, and through manipulation by officials around the world, food supplies are little available to many. Many other natural disasters, including storms, high winds, tornadoes, floods, drought, wild fires, extreme temperatures, deep snow and ice have damaged crops and homes and caused people great difficulties.
The Eastern Shore and its proximity to Annapolis, MD, Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD is a great place to live with 4 true seasons and little natural disasters. A disaster could come by missiles from without, set explosions from within, or by cyber-attack. Hazards present potential threats which may be natural (hurricanes or earthquakes) or man-made (industrial accidents, war, civil conflict). The actions and activities described below will only relate to natural disasters but the Logistics Cluster will have similar functions in technological and environmental disasters. In fact, you may be surprised to learn that one type of disaster accounts for nearly one-third of all global emergencies. If and when the disaster occurs, the humanitarian sector and governments provide the necessary relief supplies and coordination in a timely manner through use of prepositioned stocks and established coordination mechanism. According to the International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (ISDR), the following natural disasters are the most common.
Some of the deadliest disasters in history can be placed in this category, including the 1970 Bhola Cyclone in East Pakistan (500,000 dead) and Hurricane Katrina (1,836 deaths). On the right of the graphic (pictured below) are the 15 worst disasters to hit the UK over the same time; perhaps surprisingly the Great Storm of 1987 was also the most damaging event in the world that year. Before we discuss some regions and cities that rank poorly for weather, let’s talk about the kinds of weather and natural issues that could be detrimental to your retirement.

The truth is that almost every area of the country is exposed to weather problems and natural disasters – there is no truly safe place and very few ideal regions. There is little time to awaken as many people as possible to reality, so they can first protect themselves and their loved ones as much as possible, then work to prevent the worsening of these disasters that could yet unfold, and reverse the aspects in progress. The solutions offered by the pharmaceutically controlled medical establishment have made health much worse. When the power is out, your lights and heating system are not the only things that will not be working; there will be no water or fuel being pumped, refrigerators and freezers will not work, ATMs will be off, and stores and restaurants will probably be closed. The Standard American Diet (SAD) has worsened even as understanding of natural health and nutrition has grown over the last century. A power outage is the only one of these eight disasters that is not already in progress, but the possibility of is very real. Disasters occur when the poor and vulnerable are unable to cope with a major hazard due to underlying social, economic, environmental or political pressures. Lumped together, these disasters account for an estimated 26.8 percent of all natural disasters. The coloured border denotes the type of disaster (see key pictured right), and the disasters are arranged in rough chronological order, from left to right. However, you may be surprised to learn that heat waves (often associated with drought) are one of the deadliest types of geological disaster in the United States. If the Fukushima disaster is multiplied, life in the Northern Hemisphere may not be possible any longer. It is generally considered the deadliest natural disaster ever recorded , and almost certainly the deadliest of the 20th century (when pandemics are discounted) and in China. The bogus replacement of natural nutritional elements with synthetic lab substitutes is also not good for health.
They now seem to be getting ready to try increasing the death levels with a combination of disasters, including an expanded food availability crisis. Diagram 1 : Disaster occurrenceTo download the diagram, 'right click' on it and then choose 'Save Image As' from the menu OR go to Annexes.
Four of the ten deadliest natural disasters in recorded history were the result of catastrophic earthquakes. Starvation and severe malnourishment diseases, combined with chemicals are being used in the Third World as a faster method of population reduction, than the more subtle method of shortening life with just poor nutrition and chemical toxins that has been employed by the power controllers in modern techno-industrial societies.

These aging facilities are also vulnerable to natural disaster or to various types of attack. A hazardous situation in a country may turn into a disaster when the affected society cannot cope by using only its own resources. Hurricane Sandy has been 2012’s most expensive disaster so far, and the economic impact continues to rise. Surprisingly, heat is a deadly killer compared to most other disasters – an estimated 10,000 people died in a 1980 heat wave, and 502 died in a 1999 heat wave.
Diagram 2: Typical disaster cycleTo download the diagram, 'right click' on it and then choose 'Save Image As' from the menu OR go to Annexes.
Salaries for most of these persons is quite high so the town reflects that with the types of shops etc. Natural disasters, also referred to as sudden onset disasters, are emergencies caused by natural, technological and environmental calamities.
The risk of natural disasters is increasing because of population growth, urbanization, and alteration disruption of the natural environment, substandard dwellings and public buildings and inadequate infrastructure maintenance. Disaster risk relates to the chance of negative consequences when a particular hazard affects vulnerable people or locations.
Live has charted the costliest natural disasters in the world, year by year for the last 30 years, using data compiled by the Centre for Research into the Epidemiology of Disasters (CRED) at the University of Louvain, Belgium. Based on statistics gathered between the years of 1970 and 2005, the ISDR estimates 30.7 percent of all natural disasters can be categorized as floods. The category of windstorms includes three major types of natural disasters – tornadoes, hurricanes and typhoons. While it is easy to forget about the danger of disease epidemics when living in the developed world, the truth is that epidemics account for 11.2 percent of all global disasters. Earthquakes are less frequent than some disasters, but have been known to be more deadly on average.
Drought is a long-term disaster that has the potential to negatively impact a wide swath of geography.

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