Risk AssessmentIdentifying your business risks is the first step to emergency and disaster planning. InsuranceMake sure your business is sufficiently insured against the most likely disasters identified in your risk assessment.
ResourcesResources and personal assistance in developing your business emergency plan is offered through government agencies and private firms. History has shown time and again that people who prepare for emergencies and natural disasters experience less disruption when they do occur, and are able to resume their lives more quickly than those who do not prepare.

With the threat of floods, fire, explosions, terrorism, hazardous material events and other disasters, planning for emergencies can make the difference between business devastation and survival. Adopting published and proven methods, forms, procedures and advice for dealing with emergencies will save time and money over starting from scratch, and can help ensure that your emergency plan is compliant, effective and responsible. Not all business emergencies and disasters are the same, but the formulation of a blanket plan that covers key elements will aid in the protection of your employees, the community and environment, and assist in the recovery of your business.
When outdoor evacuation is not possible or would pose further danger, basements, shelters and other accessible safe areas must be identified in your emergency plan.

Comparing your plan with those of nearby businesses and the community may yield information and solutions that may not be apparent, and will foster a culture of solidarity if an emergency or disaster strikes.

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