Countywide Exercise Prepares Agencies for Coordinated Emergency Response - Grand Teton National Park (U.S.
These exercises have been designed specifically for organization that work to support the disaster caused needs of neighborhood residents during disaster.
By participating in one or several of these exercises you will be able to assess your organizations existing disaster response capabilities. The After Action Report for the October 30 2010 Formidable Footprint Tabletop Exercise involving a hurricane scenario can be found below.
Lasting three hours, the exercise provided an opportunity for neighborhood residents to come together as Community Emergency Response Team members to assess their capabilities of planning for and responding to Hurricane Neighbor. Then, using the situational awareness of the neighborhood, exercise participants developed Incident Action Plans, identified potential partner organizations and outlined plans to either manage or assist with neighborhood based Points of Distribution. An assembly of local, state, and federal government officials and staff members, along with non-governmental organizations, recently completed an emergency response simulation exercise based upon a mock wildland fire scenario in the greater Jackson Hole area. Headed up by Teton County Emergency Management Coordinator Rich Ochs, the exercise included 28 agencies and 54 participants. Nearly 50 elected officials, emergency responders and community partners from Stevens County spent two days at Camp Ripley in Little Falls, Minn., participating in an integrated emergency management course. MORRIS — If a disaster happens in Stevens County, local emergency officials and first responders will be more prepared thanks to a new training organized by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety.

On October 30 2010, 137 members of Community Emergency Response Teams, Neighborhood Associations and local Citizen Corps from 21 states participated simultaneously in the first Formidable Footprint Neighborhood Tabletop Exercise. Listed below are several of the participant observations that were submitted during the Hotwash portion of the exercise. These exercises engage a wide variety of individuals and groups and provide a collaborative environment where participants are challenged with thought provoking injects to consider how they would respond in their community with their community resources. The exercise, which was based on three wildfires and their impacts on the communities of Jackson, Teton Village, and areas of Grand Teton National Park, was designed to develop joint decision-making relationships between the various agencies.
Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) participated in the exercise, which helped all agencies understand the role of NGOs in restoring basic health and social services following a disaster. Stevens County was the first county in the state to participate in this new program developed by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety’s division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management. In Emergency Management and Disaster Response timing along with having the right information often determines the outcome. The exercise was very interactive which allowed participants to tailor the experience to their needs and training levels. She earned a master's degree in journalism from the University of Wisconsin, Madison in 2010. A team of national, regional and state organizations invites Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT) and Neighborhood Watch programs along with Neighborhood Associations to participate in one of the scheduled disaster tabletop exercises being facilitated via the internet.

Neighborhood teams were able to partake in this and future exercises due to a unique collaboration of partner organizations offering participation in the Formidable Footprint exercises at no cost. The exercise provided us with a very practical idea of what functions we could handle in response to a hurricane. Scenario was excellent and provided real world situations.Interaction among our team members was so involved we lost track of time. The maps utilized in the exercise were very helpful and essential for our team to understand the current situation.
The scenario that teams participated in was that of a category two storm “Hurricane Neighbor” striking the simulated coastal community of “Northtown” a neighborhood of 807 homes with 2,431 residents.
The Formidable Footprint exercise series is timely because FEMA Administration Craig Fugate has recently challenged all Americans to find ways to help our communities become better prepared for disasters.

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