Sometimes just the illusion of a warm space can make a difference in the temperature of your apartment. You may not realize it, but there might be tiny cracks in between the doors and walls in your apartment.
This makes it easy for cold air to rush into your apartment, which is why it’s often difficult to stay warm.
Or you can sign up for our video email to have a little bit of Apartment Therapy delivered to your inbox once a week. This entry was posted in DIY Offbeat Rental News and tagged DIY Home Improvement Power Tools tool rental Weatherproofing on January 19, 2015 by J. Find Your Vents: Before the temperature drops, seek out all of the vents in your apartment and make sure there is nothing such as furniture blocking your heat sources. Cover Your Floors: Uninsulated floors can also be drafty so pick up a few rugs and place them throughout your apartment. That means taking that big heavy comforter out of storage and exchanging your current sheets for flannel ones.

Light some candles for a little extra warmth, grab your favorite book to read or listen to music. Turn on the oven (which helps warm up a small apartment quickly) and sharpen your baking skills by whipping up all of your favorite treats. The building was beautiful and charming but was more than a little drafty when the season turned to winter. For example, toast bread with a toaster oven instead of a full-sized oven, or warm up a casserole in the microwave or toaster oven instead of a full-sized oven. Since in most apartments the landlord supplies the appliances, you may not have a choice on whether you're using an energy-conserving appliance or not.
If not, ask your landlord to replace them, or do it yourself, as it will probably be financially beneficial for you in the long-term.
It's not expensive or difficult to install, and works to keep cold air inside in the summer and warm air inside in the winter.
Fluorescent bulbs, however, use more energy powering up, and should only be turned off if you are leaving a room for more than 15 minutes or so.

Around this time of year, cold nights and inclement weather mean lots of nights spent at home. If you're growing a little fatigued with Netflix marathons, we've got a few ideas for fun, easy projects that are sure to drive the winter blues away. Flower pounding is a fun, novel way to create art for your home, or just while away a winter evening. If you don't want to pay for it, perhaps your landlord is interested in purchasing the weather stripping, so that it can stay in the apartment after you leave. As a Senior Writer at Apartment Therapy, Nancy splits her time between looking at beautiful pictures, writing about design, and photographing stylish apartments in and around NYC. Visit Rent It Today’s Tool and Equipment Rental Page for information on renting tools near you.

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