Here are some cold weather safety tips for seniors to stay warm during the cold months, with a focus on health and home safety. Electric blankets – Although a great and relatively inexpensive way to keep warm, there are some electric blanket safety precautions that need to be taken.
Even if the home has been prepared for the winter, be sure to check on them regularly to ensure they are staying warm. Enter your best email address below & join thousands of people that rely on us for great content. WMHN is a great network for healthcare providers to meet new people who are involved in the aspects of healthcare. When the temperature drops, older adults run a higher risk of health problems and injuries related to the weather, including hypothermia, frostbite, and falls in ice and snow.
Winter weather conditions create a number of hazardous conditions that impact senior health and wellbeing. Shoveling & SaltingKeeping driveways and outdoor walkways clear of ice and snow is especially important for seniors.

Canes & WalkersCanes, walkers and other senior assistive walking equipment and devices should be properly maintained. Founded in 2006, CaringTimes is a resource center for those seeking home care information and support as they care for elderly parents and research senior in home care options.
Keeping warm is always an issue, but for seniors who may have poor circulation, take certain medications or have other conditions, it may be even more of a challenge. Be sure the senior is able to follow a few simple rules such as not setting anything on the blanket, not leaving it turned on (some models do have an automatic shut off), don’t use it on high (to prevent burns), do not plug into an extension cord and replace the blanket if the cord pulls out or is not working properly.
Over the years, Mark has provided help for thousands of consumers, organizations and small businesses. Keep a Fire Extinguisher that can be used for a variety of types of fires, including chemical fires, in areas where you use fireplaces, wood stoves and kerosene heaters. Keeping the following tips in mind will help you and your aging family members weather the winter safe and intact. Share your winter safety tips with us in the comments below, we would love to hear from you!

Your changing driving abilities, however, need not stand in the way of safe, enjoyable winter driving. This can be dangerous because when your body is in the cold for too long, it begins to lose heat quickly.
Insulated boots and shoes with good tread and non-slip soles will help elderly individuals safely navigate icy or snowy streets and sidewalks. The following cold weather safety tips for seniors can help the aging generations stay warm, safe and healthy.

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