While Seattle may not experience a white Christmas, SDOT and King County Metro want to caution: that doesn’t mean the snow’s not coming. As part of this readiness, the City of Seattle, SDOT and Metro Transit are all working together to offer suggestions and advice to residents and commuters before the first snow fall. Visit Taking Winter By Storm, a joint web site hosted by the City of Seattle, King County, State Farm, Puget Sound Energy, Pierce County and Washington State Department of Transportation.
Have it be in January or April, ice and snow storms are unpredictable and vary in intensity due to the Puget Sound’s unique weather patterns.

SDOT’s website also includes helpful resources such as winter preparedness checklists, city contact information and winter response maps. The public awareness program kicked off in November and is a collaborative partnership of emergency management offices, local retailers and weather forecasters. But while winter storms aren’t appearing on the radar yet, that doesn’t mean residents can’t be ready for when they do hit. Chains are also good practice, as well as knowing how to put them on. Find additional tips and tricks from SDOT through their “Winter Weather, Let’s Be Ready Together” campaign.

You can also find out if your bus route is affected by snow or other adverse weather on the Metro Transit website, which also features a clickable map allowing you to see what areas are affected. A wide swath of the country is experiencing record-breaking temperatures while other areas are expecting more winter precipitation Tuesday.

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