Please Note that you are viewing the non-styled version of the Ohio Committee For Severe Weather Awareness website. If possible, before winter sets in, invest in an alternative heating source, such as a fireplace, propane or kerosene heater, or generator - in case of an extended power outage. During the winter, drain pipes if your power goes off or if you plan an extended stay away from home.
As far as Ohio law goes, it has long been established that homeowners do not have a legal obligation to shovel when there is a natural accumulation of snow and ice. Ice and snow, combined with winter winds, can cause limbs to snap and break and could do damage to your home. However, a local ordinance does not automatically implicate a homeowner if someone slips and falls on un-cleared property. Sure, there are certain safety measures that are easier to follow in the middle of winter than in the middle of summer—like making sure all your windows are closed and locked when you leave the house.

For your your own safety as well as that of your friends and family, make sure no one gets hurt when walking down the sidewalk and up your driveway! Following these tips will insure that, even though “Winter Is Coming”, you can sit in your house and watch Game of Thrones in peace.
Also, if someone slips on ice that was formed because of a poorly positioned down spout, the homeowner could be held liable.
But home security isn’t all about keeping your castle shut up tight—here are a few issues you might run into now that winter is coming. This can leave you with massive damage to your home and personal items, pricey repair work, and a really inconvenient water situation in the meantime. Do not store kerosene in a non-approved container or inside your home and be sure to keep flammable materials (walls, curtains, etc.) away from all heat sources. Although there is no legal obligation in Ohio to shovel and clear sidewalks, homeowners should at least try to maintain them.

While most pipes run inside interior walls, in some older homes they run in the exterior walls.
Your neighbors will thank you and you can go the whole winter without a deep-tissue bruise on your bum. If this describes your home, make sure to properly insulate your pipes, as they may not be insulated already.

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