Heating caused more than 10,768 fires over the past five years and is the number two cause of home fires in Massachusetts. If you heat your home by burning solid fuels (coal, firewood, pellets), be careful before, during and after using these kinds of fuels.
There are various risks of danger for seniors that could happen during winter months as they attempt to get warm and stay warm. NFPA's Safety Source blog features news and information created to reduce fire deaths, injuries, and property loss. Follow NFPA and USFA on social media for updates on new materials and interactive ways to be fire safe.

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Home fires are more prevalent in the winter months due in part to an increase in cooking and heating fires.
Prevent a potentially devastating fire in your home this winter by having a look at our safety information.
Winter storms can interrupt electrical service, causing people to turn to alternative sources for power, also contributing to an increased risk of fire. Cooking is the leading cause of home fires and home fire injuries, and heating is the second leading cause of home fire deaths behind smoking and the second leading cause of home fire injuries.

Put a Freeze on Winter Fires provides tip sheets, a safety quiz, videos, and other resources on how to prevent cooking, heating, and other types of fires. With these and other concerns in mind NFPA and the United States Fire Administration (USFA) have launched a campaign, Put a Freeze on Winter Fires, to promote fire safety during the winter months.

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