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Many outdoor enthusiasts consider themselves to be quite experienced in hiking, backpacking, or camping, and want to take their experience and shift it into an outdoor guide job.
These are the five main items to think about before transitioning your outdoor experience into a job as an outdoor guide. If you can parlay your outdoor expertise into a job as an outdoor guide, you will be one of the lucky few who can enjoy this profession. JULIA COZBY has been in the outdoor business since 1996, starting out as a guide at Grand Canyon National Park. As a former guide and guide service business owner, I can tell you that there is more to being an outdoor guide than just experience being outdoors–although certainly, that is the number one most important qualification that a person could have. This is a no-brainer, but some people don’t take this into consideration when planning a career as a guide.

This is important, as many guide service jobs are in very remote areas of the United States. Of course, there are also some other considerations that may or may not come into play to work as an outdoor guide, depending upon the company that is looking for employees.
From 2000-2006, she co-owned and operated a gear store and guide service in Escalante, Utah. Every year we hire roughly 80 guides to take guests on active adventure holidays throughout North America and the National Parks.
Almost every outfitter that might hire you will have requirements for guides to have at least a Wilderness First Aid or Wilderness First Responder and CPR certification. Sure, you could be a guide around the historic area of your hometown, and that would be great, but to be an outdoor guide, you may have to move to a small town or perhaps even inside the boundaries of a national park. Be aware that as a guide, you are in the hospitality business, and the customer is the most important thing in that realm. Be aware that preparing to be a guide also includes reading up on everything from regional field guides to urban legends–and memorizing that information.

Also, some companies may require other classes to enhance your outdoor skills–perhaps a stint with an outdoor survival or outdoor leadership school.
People hire a guide to be better informed about an area–and of course, for seeing scenery off the beaten path.
You will most likely have set routes and areas that are being marketed by the outfitter or guide service for whom you will be working, and there will be no deviation from those places, not ever. But having that certification makes getting a job as a guide much easier, and perhaps will give you an edge over other applicants. This is usually due to two things: the permit by which the company operates, if the service is on public land, and for safety reasons (if you as a guide know the area intimately and are aware of all of its potential danger spots or other places of concerns, that reduces the risk of an accident or injury to a client). If you are easily bored by visiting the same places over and over, being a guide may not be for you.

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