Items you'll find like first-aid kits, water filtration kits and fire protection equipment are paramount for survival and emergency situations. See Additional Equipment & Supplies for suggestions of other equipment to carry and clothing.
We welcome your suggestions for other supplies and resources you have found helpful for your CERT kit!
Having the right bug out bag, survival kit, earthquake kit, survival gear, emergency food and water can make the difference between life and death.

Earthquakestore also guides you in creating your own emergency handbook that offer life-saving tips for surviving earthquakes, hurricanes, thunderstorms, power outages, snow storms, fires, tornadoes, floods, and even terrorist attacks. With the current ongoing trend toward accumulation of emergency preparedness supplies, you may be surprised to know our collection of safety and emergency response products and outdoor supplies has actually been growing since our store’s inception in 1989. We offer individuals, communities, governments, and businesses with ready-to-use emergency supplies for surviving a catastrophic event like the recent earthquake in Chile or the disaster in Japan. The experts at Earthquakestore have ready made survival supplies, disaster supplies, and emergency gear to help you survive..

Our disaster preparedeness survival guide will help you protect your family, pets, personal property and home when disaster strikes.

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