Chat off the record in Washington and you’ll hear plenty more of that, either from those who work for DHS or have had to wrangle with its suffocating bureaucracy from the outside.
We live under a defense bureaucracy where the military wastes at least $68 billion annually and we’re not even allowed to audit the Pentagon. Trying to mend DHS’s myriad problems would be extremely difficult and obscure the fact that its very existence gums up our national security. Users of the online payment network Dwolla began reporting Tuesday afternoon that an order from the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was preventing them from transferring funds to and from Japan-based Mt. Based in Des Moines, Iowa, Dwolla lets users send and receive money to and from their bank accounts without incurring costly transaction fees. Several hours after word of the court order began spreading online, Dwolla had still not posted any news about the situation on its website, Twitter feed or Facebook page. Several posters on the Bitcoin Forum speculated the court order might have something to do with a federal lawsuit filed against Mt. The Mutum Sigillum website shows no sign of any activity since April 1, 2009, when an update was posted reading, "New service currently being beta-tested, more news coming soon." The only other news item appearing on the home page refers to the Swell Project, a site that also appears to have been dormant for some time (with no updates since August of 2010). To add yet another odd note to the circumstances, "Mutum Sigillum" means "dumb seal" in Latin. The Japan government is gearing up to regulate bitcoin activity more actively in the wake of the collapse of the now-defunct bitcoin exchange Mt Gox. The story of the rise and fall of bitcoin exchange Mt Gox and its CEO, Mark Karpeles, could find its way to the silver screen. CoinDesk looks at the top headlines from the last week including prominent pieces from Rolling Stone and The New Yorker. WASHINGTON - As the Department of Homeland Security prepares for its first transition, a series of major projects - including a communication network linking state and locals officials in a crisis, a system to scan shipping containers for terrorist weapons, and a massive border-control initiative - face serious technical delays or cost overruns.

Froze the financial assets in the United States of hundreds of individuals and entities linked to terrorism and proliferation.
Freed 25 million Iraqis from the rule of Saddam Hussein, a dictator who murdered his own people, invaded his neighbors, and repeatedly defied United Nations resolutions. Established a more unified, collaborative intelligence community under the leadership of a Director of National Intelligence to ensure information is shared among intelligence and law enforcement professionals so they have the information they need to protect the American people while respecting the legal rights of all U.S. Advocated for and signed into law the USA PATRIOT Act, the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act, and a modernization of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. Transformed NATO to face 21st century threats, including strengthening the Alliance's capabilities against WMD and cyber attacks, while leading the international military effort in Afghanistan. December 17, 2008President Bush Discusses National Security, Homeland Security and the Freedom Agenda at U.S. State Contact ListSelect your state or territory to see who your Governor has appointed as your state's homeland security contact.
Instead of solving the coordination problems it was supposed to solve, it simply duplicated efforts already happening in other federal departments.
The argument is there’s no reason for it to exist as its own department when it can be reabsorbed into the various departments (from Justice to Treasury) from which it was assembled. Many of the agency’s responsibilities already exist elsewhere in government, especially at the FBI, meaning huge amounts of taxpayer money are being wasted and more turf wars are being sparked. A former DHS inspector general was recently sentenced to 37 months in prison for covering up the fact that investigations were not being completed on schedule or at all. Most Dwolla transactions are completed for a $0.25 fee, and many bitcoin buyers and traders use the service to send payments to Mt. However, numerous users on the Bitcoin Forum and other sites posted a copy of the email they said they had received from Dwolla.

District Court for the District of Maryland, Dwolla is no longer legally able to service Mutum Sigillum LLC’s account. Gox -- possibly as a partner of some kind allowing the Japan-based exchange to operate as a money business in the US, Bitcoin Forum members have theorized. Above, President Bush spoke at a ceremony marking the first day with then-Secretary Tom Ridge (second from left). He said Americans "have spent billions on the development of a bio-defense stockpile but they don't have much to show for it."Specialistrs in the field have criticized the process by which the Department of Homeland Security determines which biological threats to defend against.
Bush addresses his remarks on national security, homeland security and the Freedom Agenda Wednesday, Dec.
And attempts to control and distinguish the department have politicized it to the point where it can’t function smoothly — and might be threatening national security. However, CoinLab's complaint was filed in Washington state, while the email to customers from Dwolla refers to the US District Court in Maryland.
Gox and the exchange's April 11 temporary shutdown following a massive drop in bitcoin prices and a spike in trading. The department has made some progress improving coordination with state and local officials - the so-called first responders in the event of a disaster - but still has very far to go, according to officials.The Homeland Security Advisory Council, an internal body headed by Judge William L.
But major elements of the project, including a network called SBInet to ensure different agencies can coordinate, have been put on hold pending further testing and development.Meanwhile, although recent intelligence assessments have warned that a biological attack poses the greatest terror threat, signature defense measures - including the multibillion-dollar Project Bioshield to stockpile antidotes - have made only limited strides, according to Tom Ridge, the first secretary of homeland security.

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