Knowing what to do in case of an emergency is your best protection and your responsibility.
Prepare now in the event of an evacuation.Evacuations are more common than many people realize. Plan to take one car per family to reduce congestion and delay.Become familiar with alternate routes and other means of transportation out of your area.
Create a network of neighbors, relatives, friends, and coworkers to aid you in an emergency.
Your survival plan needs to be well thought out and it needs to be flexible in case you will be forced to evacuate or you will be “trapped” in your home . Emergency Cash( at least 100$ in small bills)The list may vary depending on the number of persons in your family. Another step for short-term evacuation is keeping the gas tank of your vehicle(s) topped out.
In addition, hundreds of times a year, transportation and industrial accidents release harmful substances, forcing many people to leave their homes.In some circumstances, local officials decide that the hazards are serious and require mandatory evacuations.

Review existing policies for the amount and extent of coverage to ensure that what you have in place is what is required for you and your family for all possible hazards. With the exception of service animals, pets are not typically permitted in emergency shelters as they may affect the health and safety of other occupants.
To begin this process, gather all family members and review the information you gained about local emergency plans and warning systems. In case you have to leave your home in a hurry at least you’ll have everything in one place.The next step is to put toghether a Bug out Bag ready to grab  if needed. In others, evacuations are advised or households decide to evacuate to avoid situations they believe are potentially dangerous. Ask for a hard copy of the plan and also inquire how often the plan is updated, what hazards it covers, and any other details you may think of.
Your family plan should address how the previous steps will be addressed in case of a disaster.
When community evacuations become necessary local officials provide information to the public through the media.

Follow these guidelines for evacuation:Plan places where your family will meet, both within and outside of your immediate neighborhood. For more advice and information, call your local emergency management office, animal shelter, or animal control office. Use the Family Emergency Plan to decide these locations before a disaster.If you have a car, keep a full tank of gas in it if an evacuation seems likely. Choose several destinations in different directions so you have options in an emergency and know the evacuation routes to get to those destinations. Evacuation GuidelinesThere may be conditions under which you will decide to get away or there may be situations when you are ordered to leave.

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