I have finally gotten around to photographing the emergency kit I put together this past year. Women who wear skirts and dresses may benefit from packing knee high athletic socks to provide additional coverage for the legs.
Pack your bag and store it in a locker, under your desk, in a filing cabinet nearby, or somewhere else it can be grabbed in a hurry. You may not realize you are in an evacuation situation until you've been separated from your kit. If you are packing multiple battery powered devices, try to choose ones that use the same type of battery.
If you live in a hot weather climate where exposure and heat could be harmful you should think of packing a lightweight shirt, shorts, a hat and additional water. In case of an emergency, you may have to run or walk long distances in unpredictable conditions. Don't concern yourself with briefcases and laptops, just get what you need to survive on the streets for hours. Keep at least one sealed bottle of water in your bag and pack more if you can stand the weight.
If you live in colder climates you can add additional supplies or change your pack for the seasons.

Don't use a new pair, as these can cause blisters; pack a pair that is broken in but not worn out, if possible.
In case of an emergency evacuation in which we would take our car, in addition to the backpacks and the car emergency kit, I have two totes packed up with essentials that would provide for a longer time than the supply in our backpacks. Benadryl or other antihistamine: emergencies are not a good time to have an allergic reaction.
If your family hears of an emergency, they may be able to pick up your kids, meet you at a meeting place, or be ready to spring into action when they get your call, text, or third-party message. Pack cotton crew athletic socks that are appropriate for your athletic shoes in terms of thickness. Check for brittle gloves, missing items, operation electronics, and anything else that could go wrong that you wouldn't want to face in an emergency.
They come tightly packed, about the size of an ace bandage, and should be left in their original packaging until you need to use them because they're pretty tricky to refold once you reopen them.
Knowing what your actions may be will enable them to assist even if you can't communicate during the emergency.
Talk to management about turning kit-making into an office social or emergency planning exercise. Discuss with your family what you may do in an emergency if they can't reach you by cell phone.

Ask yourself what you would do if you had to get home without the use of a car or public transportation during an emergency.
You can even add a piece of the reflective tape to make it easier to find if you drop it or are looking for it in a dark pack.
All local radio stations will begin emergency broadcasting if there is an emergency in your area.
Keep batteries in store packaging as placing batteries in devices allows them to slowly discharge. Get permission for everyone to bring their items, pack them as a team, and make a store trip for forgotten supplies. Create an Urban Emergency Evacuation Kit and store it at work in the event of an emergency to keep you safe and prepared. Have scissors or your multi-purpose or Swiss army knife to cut open the package or store batteries in a marked plastic bag. You can then pack an extra set that works for both and will be able to trade off in the devices.

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