When natural disaster strikes, a tornado, flood or hurricane does not discriminate between renters and homeowners. When a disaster strikes, we should make sure that everyone is accounted for and safe, including our pets. A photo always worth a thousand words and it could provide any information about the building sections and items that are damaged or destroyed by natural disasters. When you make sure that your family is safe and secure, try to organize the local community.
When you're signing your lease or even if you already have, check with your landlord about a plan in case of disaster.

Sure they may have provided a phone number in case of emergencies, but the plan should indicate what you can and shouldn't do in disaster emergency cases when they cannot be reached. In some cases, natural disasters will eventually happen and we should contact our insurers, even if we suffer very minimal damages to our house or other assets. In some areas, massive flooding, earthquakes, tornadoes and other natural disasters strike regularly.
So this is the kind of conversation you might want to have with your landlord before disaster strikes. In your plan you might list where you'll go in case of a disaster (to a cousin's house or to the roof), but a part of your plan should include how and when you'll contact your landlord or property management company.

If your apartment is declared "uninhabitable," your state laws may allow you to legally break your lease, receive a refund, or stop payments until the damage is fixed, but this is also something you can spell out in your lease or a separate disaster plan addendum. Many insurance companies are offering insurance coverage for protections against natural disasters.

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