To have a safe place during severe weather, print out a severe weather shelter sign and place it on a door of a closet or small room on the lowest level of the building you are in. This alleviates what I call storm stress and also causes less panic and calms people down once they know where to go. The Ohio Office of Emergency Management offers a list of tornado safety tips to follow in the event of a tornado. During the recent Poplar Grove tornado of 2008, a family was trapped in the basement of their home because their house collapsed.

Canopy that is important to rainforest in the case what to do during a tornado of an unexpected emergency, you compatibility in between zombie and blaster brains. Remembering these important few steps during severe weather can keep you safe from tornadoes.
It is important to know the basics of tornado safety.-The safest place to be during a tornado is a basement. A person can even be blown out or carried away from the overpass by the fierce tornado winds.

I have a staircase in the center of the basement that I want to build somewhat of a safe place for tornados. A final reason why we advocate going under stairs: in a worse-case scenario the stairs will offer an escape should a tornado seriously damage your home.

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