Tropical Storm Joaquin continued to strengthen on Tuesday night, and the National Hurricane Center said it could become a hurricane by Wednesday if not before. Joaquin continued to drift westward, and hurricane watches were issued for the central Bahamas.
Kramer says the town could experience 60 to 65 mile per hour winds, or stronger if Arthur does become a hurricane. The currently projected path for Hurricane Joaquin, which strengthened from a tropical storm on Wednesday (Sept.
The government of the Bahamas issued a hurricane warning for the central Bahamas, including Cat Island, the Exumas, Long Island, Rum Cay and San Salvador. Warnings are typically issued 36 hours in advance of the onset of tropical storm-force winds.
National Hurricane Center said additional strengthening is expected over the next two days. The hurricane center cautioned Tuesday night that it is just too soon to tell and its long-range forecast confidence is very low.
MIAMI (AP) - A hurricane watch was issued for parts of the Texas and Mexico coasts Monday as Tropical Storm Dolly entered the Gulf of Mexico.

The hurricane center said Joaquin was expected to move near or over portions of the central Bahamas on Wednesday night or Thursday.
The current track would take the storm near Cape Hatteras early Friday morning as a category 1 Hurricane, with sustained winds near 80 to 85 mph. Tropical Storm Joaquin's winds increased to 70 mph Tuesday night, and the hurricane center said it could become a hurricane by late Tuesday or Wednesday.
MIAMI (AP) -- A hurricane watch was issued for parts of the Texas and Mexico coasts Monday as Tropical Storm Dolly entered the Gulf of Mexico.
Watches are typically posted 48 hours in advance of the onset of tropical storm-force conditions, since preparing for the storm becomes difficult once tropical storm-force winds begin.
The government of Mexico also issued a hurricane watch from Rio San Fernando northward to the U.S.
Joaquin was expected to continue to move west for the next day or so, then turn to the north or north-northeast and pick up speed, the hurricane center said. Forecasters at the National Hurricane Center in Miami said the watch in Texas extended from Brownsville to Port O'Connor.
30) for the central Bahamas as Joaquin strengthened from a tropical storm into a Category 1 hurricane.

Tropical Storm Arthur has now prompted the National Hurricane Center (NHC) to issue a hurricane watch for parts of the eastern North Carolina coast and a Tropical Storm Warning for the entire coast.
A tropical storm watch was also in effect on the Texas coast from north of Port O'Connor to San Luis Pass and from La Pesca, Mexico, northward to Rio San Fernando.
When a warning is issued, you should complete all storm preparations and, if directed by local officials, evacuate the area immediately.
A tropical storm or hurricane watch is issued when those conditions are possible within the area.
In addition, a tropical storm watch has been put into effect for Onslow, Jones and Tyrrell counties as well as the Outer Banks north of the Oregon Inlet.

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