Before I talk about the emergency kit you need to have in your home, I want to talk about the emergency kit you should have in your car.  An emergency could happen while you are driving so it is smart to have a small tub in your trunk with a few emergency essentials. This is what my emergency kit for my car looks like, it has a blanket, an extra pair of sneakers and socks (just in case I am wearing heels or sandals and need to vacate my car and walk), a flashlight, a power flare, and water. I stock my kit with non-perishable food from Costco because it comes in bulk.  I chose items that we would eat normally like tuna, protein bars, peanut butter, fruit cups, canned chili, canned beans, and pasta. Flashlights and a radio with extra batteries and a Powerflare, first aid kit, and toilet paper.  If you have never heard of Powerflare go to their website, it is a much safer alternative to a flare. Keep items in airtight plastic bags and put your entire disaster supplies kit in one or two easy-to-carry containers, such as an unused trashcan, camping backpack, or duffel bag. It might seem frivolous to be worried about green during an emergency, but that's exactly the time we should be worried about it.

Something you have to consider with emergency food like this is how much sodium and salt is in it. Even with that familiarity -- or perhaps because of it -- after I moved to San Francisco my family gave me a very large, very full backpack of emergency supplies. And after Haiti, I've also started questioning my disaster preparedness and wondered about the contents of this bag.
Also, I am packing my wind-up flashlight and radio so that if the batteries for the waterproof radio run out, I can wind-up a second one and hear what's going on.I'm a girl, so feminine products are part of the equation. What Was Included In My Emergency Backpack:First of all, I put this thing on my bathroom scale. Renewable energy is the way to go in an emergency situation, so the greener charging gadgets we talk about on here are great alternatives.The time you spend packing your bag can be the best way to make it have the lowest impact, now and during a disaster.

Emergency ration barsDrinking water - 4 bags filled 10 packs of 4 fl oz each2 PVC water bags - 2 gallon capacity. Also, what about charging gadgets like cell phones or other handhelds you might have with you that need energy.
It allows for a tiny bit of normalcy and distraction during what could be long hours of waiting for resources or to be allowed to go back to your home.

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