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Hand Sanitizer Great for removing dirt from your hands, as well as protecting yourself from the virus that is going around. Breath mints Great for times that you forget to brush your teeth after eating garlic bread with lunch. Consider also including some other things in your emergency pack, depending on how much room you have left in your bag. If you don't want it to be obvious, try making a mini kit or using just the stuff you need. Bringing your makeup bag with your everyday makeup in is also good if you have a surprise sleepover after school or something. Pack Gum or mints: If you're breath isn't feeling fresh, just pop a piece of gum, or a mint in your mouth (some schools may not allow gum, so just stick with mints if that is the case). Don't forget your wallet: your wallet may contain money, coupons, gift cards, discount cards, dinner cards for school you never know when you are going out with friends.

Include a compact mirror: you will need it for any make up touch ups and its more convenient than constantly going to the bathroom the may not even have a mirror in your school. Include an extra pair of underwear your school emergency kit: You never know when something can soak!
Think about what you really need in this list and place in your emergency school kit bag ready for school.
For your pads and tampons carry it in a smaller bag but inside the bigger bag that you keep all the rest of your survival kit in.
This article will help you make a very useful kit to solve any horrible situation from looks to hygiene to medical situations. You never know when you will get your period for the first time or if you're about to get it because you can start any time and it is good to be ready. Some schools don't allow certain medications, perfumes, or other items, so check your schools handbook or ask a teacher or the principal. Makeup such as mascara, eyeliner, blush, lip gloss, lipstick, eyeshadow and concealer is good for the kit.

It is a good idea to keep a box of pads or tampons in your locker, or even a separate case for them.
Whenever you've been in an 'emergency' at school just think what would've helped you and add that to your kit! Many schools, with parental permission, will allow you to keep the medication with you while at school. Look for travel sized packs that come with approximately 8 tissues each for added convenience.
You might also want to bring some coins to school for use in vending machines and for city bus fare.
This article will teach you to make a survival kit that will prevent these mistakes from ruining your day.

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