The tools outlined below can get me a glimpse at what I need to know about nearly any facet of marketing. Wildfire is an option you can use on your Facebook business page if you are considering running a contest for your fans. Choose what information you need from the participants by dragging an item on the left to the blank fields on the right. In the screen that appears, a drop-down menu lets you select the fan Page where you want to add the sweepstakes.

When you advertise on Facebook, send people to an appropriate landing page within your Facebook page rather than driving them to your website. When on a conference call and hear a competitor referenced, my attention may be momentarily lost as I furiously multi-task to analyze just what the heck is happening with my client’s adversary. Wherever you see a question mark in a black circle, you can mouse over the question mark to get more details about what you should enter in that field. Simply save the bookmarklet and reference it anytime you’re looking to find what types of content are being pinned on a page.

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