Let us start this article with a flow chart illustrating the relationship between some of the concepts in Risk Analysis. NIST SP800-30 sets out s series of steps that should be carried out during Risk Analysis (also known as Risk Assessment). The output of a Risk Analysis is the current exposure of the organisation and a proposal for the introduction of controls to mitigate some or all of that risk. When conducting Quantitative Risk Analysis, a loss expectancy is calculated for each asset vulnerability.
Looking back at our flow chart, then, the Asset and Vulnerability are used to calculate the Single Loss Expectancy (SLE) and the Threat, Threat Actor, Controls and Security Manager can be used to estimate the Annual Rate of Occurrence (ARO).

Countermeasures or Risk Avoidance measures should only be considered if the cost of adoption is less than the Annual Loss Expectancy for the particular threat. Jago Maniscalchi is a Cyber security consultant, though he tries to avoid the word "Cyber" at all costs.
Digital Threat brings you up to the minute commentary and analysis on all aspects of digital security. He has spent 15 years working with Information Systems and has experience in website hosting, software engineering, infrastructure management, data analysis and security assessment. The residual risk exposure, shown at the bottom, is the risk introduced by the threats, but that isn’t successfully avoided or mitigated.

Where quantities are known, they should be included, where threats, risks, or assets are subjective, scenarios should be developed.
It is essentially the balance of the adversary capability against the countermeasures (controls) put in place by the Security Manager.

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