2.2This report discusses how the selected 2 regional councils use the RMA framework to manage activities that affect the quality and quantity of freshwater resources in their regions. New Zealand’s waters are a limited, fragile resource coming under increasing pressure from farming activities, both in terms of the effects on water quality and the increasing demand for water.
2.14While agricultural activities appear to affect water quality the most, urban discharge of sewage and industrial waste, and stormwater, also affects water quality. 2.24The RMA is the country’s principal environmental legislation, and sets a framework for the “sustainable management” of land, air, and water.
2.26The RMA sets out “matters of national importance” which must be recognised and provided for by all persons who exercise functions and powers under the Act.
2.30The RMA sets out the planning framework for the management of natural and physical resources.
2.37Territorial authorities (city and district councils) must produce District Plans, which set objectives, policies, and methods to achieve integrated management of the effects of the use, development, or protection of land and associated natural and physical resources of the district. 2.42The RMA sets out the functions, powers, and duties of local authorities in relation to the management of natural and physical resources.

2.43Territorial authorities are responsible for the management of the effects of the use, development, or protection of land, and associated natural and physical resources of the district. 11: A resource consent is a permit to carry out an activity that would otherwise contravene the RMA.
The implementation of all resource consents is monitored to ensure compliance with the application and any conditions imposed on the consent.
If you would like to get an indication of processing times for notified or non-notified resource consent applications, our recent resource consent processing performance is shown in the following chart. The Resource Management Act 1991 sets out a framework within which Councils manage our environment and the effects of development. This graphic which depicts the resource consent application process is an excerpt from the MFE website. We were particularly opposed to proposed changes last year to sections six and seven of the Act. The management of farm effluent and run-off was perceived to be the least well managed of the specific environmental problems investigated by the survey.

The sustainable management of water requires an adequate residual flow in rivers to safeguard fish and wildlife habitats and provide for other environmental values. The Act also contains restrictions on discharging contaminants into water and on the taking, use, damming, or diversion of water, and certain uses of the beds of lakes and rivers.
These are high-level documents that provide an overview of the resource management issues of the region, and policies and methods to achieve integrated management of the natural and physical resources of the whole region. Territorial authorities also control any actual or potential effects of activities in relation to the surface of water in rivers and lakes. 2005, National nitrogen budgets for New Zealand in 2001 – a first approximation, in Developments in fertiliser application technologies and nutrient management (Eds L.D. Other regional council functions that relate to freshwater management include management of soil and geothermal resources, the control of pollution, and the use of land as it affects natural resources.

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