Canned foods lose vitamins as time goes by so you will want to rotate your food supply so you are using and replacing items before their “use by” dates. The best part about participating in the food drive is it’s simple to make your donation because you can do it at home from your mailbox. Many people are busy living day to day and may not realize how many of your fellow neighbors are in need of a good meal.
Remember that you’ll need foods that can fill you up quickly and still give you the necessary nutrients in an emergency or disaster scenario.
Grab the family, have some good food, see the cars and their drivers up close and personal.

Often many of us feel like were too busy to help others but this initiative makes it easy to take a few minutes to put together a donation that will help area families have good meal to enjoy. The National Association of Letter Carriers and Akon area mail carriers will once again team up with Campbell Soup Company to collect food donations for local families in need. Preppers talk about non-perishable foods constantly because non-perishable foods are what keeps us alive when refrigeration isn’t possible. Luckily, we live in a society that has LOTS of non-perishable foods in which we can store and eat when we need to.
Remember that even nonperishable food items have a shelf life, while they may be longer than perishable items, make sure you notice the expiration dates and replace it by the expiration date.

The Stamp out Hunger initiative helps millions across the country who are struggling to provide essential food items to their families.

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