0074010Connor Johnston peers into his Who-infused crystal ball and makes 9 predictions for the year.
With this week seeing primary filming commence on the hotly anticipated ninth series of Doctor Who, it seems like the ideal time for speculation, wish lists and predictions to migrate their ways to the comment threads and thoughts of Whovians everywhere – as substance to occupy our Who-Hungry minds in this time of waiting.
Series 9 is sure to see some drastic changes in the line-up of personalities that make Doctor Who the show as we now know it. The third possible departure just seems too harmful to think about, it goes without saying that if Peter Capaldi leaves the show before Doctor Who’s centenary then a grand injustice has will have bestowed unto the human race.
Never, in the entire history of Doctor Who has there been as much obvious opportunity for a Doctor Who spinoff series then right now. Finally, the mother of all predictions is of course the extensively debated return of the Doctor’s home planet; Gallifrey.
In 1963 the Doctor ran away from home, 50 years in 2013 later he started running towards it.
If the Time Lords survive, of course, it raises the question of what stories can be done with them.

Once again, it’s a departure I would not wish to occur anytime soon – however the reality of the matter is 2015 also marks 10 years of Moffat writing Doctor Who, his work including writing for seven canon approved Doctors over all nine series of 21st Century Who – an amazing feat for any writer. Even in the early days of the revival it took nothing more than 2 iconic and loved characters to spawn both ‘Torchwood’ and ‘The Sarah Jane Adventures’ – and there’s undoubtedly no shortage of such characters in Doctor Who at the moment. There wouldn't be a lot of point making it more mature than Doctor Who like Torchwood was, because it wouldn't fit with their characters, so adults probably wouldn't be interested in it, although many had been with SJA. The Time Lords of Gallifrey are able, in this instant, to send out a distress signal through a crack in time to Trenzalore, and give the Doctor a whole new regeneration cycle.
One thing that is for certain however is that Series 9 of Doctor Who should, in theory, be one of the most secure productions of the show’s recent history for the simple reasoning of avoiding the same embarrassment it’s had to deal with for the last 2 years.
For now however we can sleep soundly at night knowing Doctor Who is continuing to be one of the most successful shows in the history of television, and with such successes showing no sign of noticeable decline we can indulge in the safety Doctors Who’s presence on television will remain strong for many, many years to come.
How Jenna will end her legacy in Doctor Who still for a while yet remains a mystery – but as they all eventually do, leave she must. It’s been over two years since we last saw a Doctor Who spin-off on our screens, and with the dreaded “Dark times” without Who becoming progressively more and more unbearable it seems like the time for another sister show to debut is right now.

There is a lot of potential for it to happen, and would fill the gap in the Whoniverse that SJA left. As for a new companion, I keep thinking back to "The Doctor's Wife", where she remonstrates with him for always bringing home strays. It would be fun to have a companion foisted on him and just trying to imagine what type of companion the Tardis would choose for him is a great deal of fun.
I wouldn't advise indulging in complacency, nor would I ridicule those who worry (not saying you're doing that, either), but I agree.

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