At 1:30, Sunday morning, we had a power interruption in our Columbia Heights row house, built in 1918.
OP, sounds like you you have been a participant in the biggest inter-dimensional cross rip since the Tunguska blast of 1909! An equipment failure caused a partial power outage at the Frandor shopping center in Lansing.
When you have a partial power outage, typically a line from the power company has been compromised.

You only have one phase of electricity available, and therefore one half of your house is being powered. The rest of your home, the lights, outlets, television and hair dryer, well, they are actually only running on one phase, or half the available power. If an appliance has caused a power surge, a blown fuse or flipped circuit could be the cause.
From the viewpoint of an engineer or a professional electrician, a partial power outage would be better described as a phase loss.

Serkaian believes contractors will be working through the night, but some businesses may not have full power in the morning.

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