Video game information, credits, reviews, box covers, screenshots and more for 168 video game platforms from 1971 to date! Nuclear fuel is a very efficient source of energy, nevertheless, it is a hazardous substance, whose handling requires strict safety regulations. Warning system for nuclear power plant is designed to meet all requirements for reliable operation in demanding conditions typical for nuclear power plants. PAVIAN electronic sirensPAVIAN electronic sirens are used as terminal acoustic elements for nuclear power plant external broadcasting, i.e. AMADEO radio units AMADEO radio units are used to broadcast in the internal premises of the plants.
TVA is bringing the nuclear disaster warning sirens for Sequoyah Nuclear Plant into the 21st century. The federal utility is replacing 108 sirens on wooden poles that would only work when the electric power was on.

The replacements are part of a $7 million program to update the sirens surrounding all three of TVA's nuclear plants -- Sequoyah, Browns Ferry in North Alabama and Watts Bar near Dayton, Tenn. Golden and Tom Adkins, manager of TVA's emergency preparedness systems, said four new sirens are being added to the warning system -- which covers a 10-mile radius -- because of spreading development and small shifts in the region's historical wind patterns. That message would tell the public what happened at Sequoyah and what the public would need to do to stay safe -- either stay indoors with the windows shut and home ventilation systems shut off or evacuate, Golden said. Golden said the siren replacements were scheduled before the earthquake and tsunami that led to meltdowns at the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan and before the devastating tornadoes of 2011 in the Southeast.
But both of those natural disasters pointed up the value of the planned change when they left large areas without power, he said. The record-setting spring tornadoes tore down more than 300 giant power transmission towers leading from Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant, forcing the plant into an unplanned shutdown in which it was cooled with diesel power for a week. In the next two weeks, TVA also will be mailing its 2013 Sequoyah calendar to the 80,000 residents who live within a 10-mile radius of the Soddy-Daisy nuclear plant.

The calendar includes important information about the plant, evacuation routes and other emergency information. The rotating state-of-the art replacement sirens -- plus four more new ones -- have battery back-up power and are on stronger steel poles. In order to minimize the risk to public and the employees, virtually all nuclear power plants worldwide build systems to monitor presence of radioactive substances as well as associated warning systems.
Another control channel of the warning system is the RDS channel designed to activate the superior state public address system.

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